Words Are Magic Spells: Why You Practice the Occult Every Day

Authored or posted by | April 23, 2017
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Picture of a magic bookSince I started writing about the occult world and magic (magick), I have received emails from readers saying that they are uncomfortable with the word occult and the idea of magic spells. What these readers and most people of the world do not “innerstand” is that they practice the occult and the art of magic every day.

The fact that most people on Earth know how to write or speak a language is proof that most of us practice the occult on a daily basis. For example, each letter of the English language was created using sacred geometry. In addition, the sound of each letter was created using sacred sound. In other words, the letters of the English alphabet were created using occult knowledge, and therefore when you use the English language, you also practice the occult. Be aware that occult knowledge can be used for good or evil purposes.

Other things that prove people practice the occult on a regular basis are holidays and birthdays. If you celebrate holidays and birthdays, you practice the occult. If you read the Bible, you practice the occult. By just reading the words in this article, you are practicing the occult. For strong evidence of what I just said in this paragraph, read my empowering articles titled How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells and Why a Birthday Is a Celebration for the Birth of a Corpse.

Dictionary.com defines the word occult using these exact words: “of or relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.” If you want to really innerstand what a word means, you need to investigate nearly all of its definitions and study other important words related to the word you are investigating. You also need to investigate the origins of that word. One of the origins of the word occult comes from the Latin word occultus, meaning “hidden, concealed, secret”. Etymologically, the word occult simply means “hidden” or “secret”.

The following video does a good job of explaining why words can be used as magic spells. Be aware that by embedding the video in this article does not mean that I agree with everything in it, especially the second half of the video. This section of the video has a different speaker who talks about magic spells and believes he holds the “spear of destiny”. Personally, I feel that he has an ego problem.

As always, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the following video. For more empowering information on the powers of words, read my enlightening book on word magic.

Words Are Magic Spells & You’re a Witch

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  1. Anabel says:

    If words flow from a connected state of being( unconditioned with no fear desire or motive to feed or to protect the ego ) are you really practicing occult everyday?
    Can’t I practice occult magic (if I wished) in wordless silence?

  2. Lola Ester says:

    Hahaha yes even more powerful than words is silence.

    All the political dogma( spells) that has been spread by the banksters Media will be destroyed in time.