Why Your “Name” Is a Mark or Symbol of Slavery

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By Pao Chang, author of EsotericKnowledge.me

Do you have a name? You might think that this is a silly question, but have you really thought about what a name really is? Having a name can be a wonderful and convenient thing, but if you do not use it wisely, it can be a curse. Why is that you may ask? Because your name can be used to trick you to give up your freedom and natural rights. It can also be used to enslave your body, mind and soul.

The moment you agree to have a name, you also agree to play the Name Game. There is a sinister side to the Name Game, so if you are not aware of it by now, you have already been enslaved by it. The good news is that when you “innerstand” how names are used to enslave you, you can find effective ways to free yourself from the Name Game.

There are many versions of your name. The two versions that I will talk about are your legal name and your genuine name. Knowing the difference between these two names is essential for freeing yourself from the legal system and the Matrix, an artificial reality created for the purpose of controlling you, allowing the Dark Forces to use you as a “battery” to power their matrix system.

What Is Your Genuine Name?

Your genuine name is the name given to you by your mother and father. It exists in the minds of people who are aware of it, especially people who know you. Your genuine name is a powerful symbol because when spoken out loud, it carries energy and information that affect you at the deepest level of your being. This is why your genuine name is so effective for getting your attention. Because of this, when someone says your name, you often physically or verbally respond to it.

What Is Your Legal Name?

Your legal name is the name given to you by a thought collective known as the government. This name is a counterfeit of your genuine name, because it is used by the government to trick you to do business with its corporations. In other words, it is a “forgery” name and therefore when you use it, you unknowingly agree to support the Legal Name Game.

Why the Government Needs You to Have a Legal Name

Your legal name is a very important tool for the government, because it uses your legal name to attach your identity (set of characteristics) to it, so the agents of the government can identify you. This allows the government to do business with you or summon you to appear in front of its agents. Without a legal name, the government has no power to do business with you or summon you to appear in court. Knowing this fact gives you the potential power to nullify all government contracts, but to do this you need to give up your legal name.

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  1. Lola Ester says:

    Don’t you just need to know this and become the administrator of the legal name(“person”).
    You just have to know who you are.
    And knowing you are awareness not to identify with a legal name( fictional govt construct for its commerce )