Why Words are the Least Effective Communicator and are not Truth

Authored or posted by | August 24, 2015
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Words Circle(WakeUp-World.com) Words are the least effective communicator. They can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. You can say one thing and mean another. They are not truth. They can help you understand something, but that is not the same as knowing. To know something, you have to experience it. However there are some things that you cannot experience, because they have not yet happened. And so to help us with this we have feelings. Intuitive feelings… Hunches… Inner Knowing… Inner Vision… And these feelings feed back to us the data from this future event, so that we can know intuitively whether it will be a good or not so good experience – should we choose to have it.

Our feelings are energy. The greater part of us – our energetic body – is constantly scanning the future, giving us feedback intuitively via our feelings and telling us how something will be if we DO take action.

So for example, if you get invited out on a date and you don’t have a good feeling about it, then that is your intuition speaking to you, saying “hey this isn’t a great idea, don’t go there!”. This is an experience that happened to me and I didn’t listen! On the other hand you may have a really strong positive feeling about something – like relocating to a new town or even a different country for example – and that positive excited feeling is your intuition saying: “Go for it, it’s the right thing for you to do, it’s great!”

So pay attention to your feelings. When someone speaks words to you, notice how they make you feel. Your feelings give you the real message – the language behind the words. The only Truth comes from within you. Your intuitive feelings are your only Authority, although we are brought up to believe the opposite. Namely that all authority is outside ourselves and that our parents, teachers, friends know best, when in fact they only know what is best for them. They just assume that what they know is a universal truth and that it is therefore best for us too. Wrong!

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