Why Sun Worship is Satan Worship

Authored or posted by | December 4, 2016
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Picture of the Ancient Sun Gods

According to the video at the end of this article, the original Hebrew word Satan is “a noun from a verb meaning primarily “to obstruct or oppose””. The video also says, “Behind the word Satan stands the Hebrew term Ha-Satan. In Hebrew, ‘Ha’ means “the,” so a translation of Ha-Satan is “the Satan.” Therefore, the word Ha-Satan is not a name but a title, a description.” The video further describes Satan by saying that the word Satan “carries two ancient names for the sun, i.e., AT and AN. (AN = ON or ANI)

In Egypt, the color red was often viewed as bad or evil because it was associated with the Egyptian god Set. Satan is the modern version of Set, which is why the color red is often associated with Satan. As described on Egyptian-Gods.org:

Set was the brother of Orisis, Isis and also the brother/wife of Nephthys. Set appearance portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal-like animal (unidentified), long curved pointed snout head with square topped ears, holding an ankh and the scepter of set. He is also representing as a man with red hair and wearing a red mantle. For Egyptians, red means the color of evil.

Satan represents the darkness and Jesus represents the light. The concept of using persons to personify light and darkness goes back to ancient Egypt and beyond. Satan is the modern version of the ancient god Set and Jesus is the modern version of the ancient god Horus. Satan is also known as Saturn. During certain ancient times, the god Saturn was known as El. Hence, the Hebrew word Elohim.

To learn more about why Satan is another version of the ancient god Saturn/El, read my informative article titled The Occult Meanings of Israel and the Sinister Agendas of the Zionists.

When you really think about the information in the previous paragraphs, there is nothing really evil about Satan. However, because of our ignorance, we have been tricked to believe that Satan is evil. This gives the Dark Forces a tool to use to exploit us, allowing them to harness our energy to help them manifest the evil version of Satan.

The following video shows you why it is so important that you innerstand the powers of words and the definitions of words. When you do not know how powerful words are, you are vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled by the so-called dark beings that manage the language system.

After watching the video, you should know that to really innerstand an idea in a society that relies heavily on words to communicate, you need to find the origins of the words that are used to describe that idea. Furthermore, you should know why nearly every man, woman and child on Earth today are worshiping Satan (the distorted version of the sun) without being aware of it.

Satan/Saturn = Sun-Worship! (Better the Devil You Know!)

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  1. Pit says:

    now, you begin to understand what the quran says. 🙂 if you are a truth seeker read it, just read, i’m don’t askin you to believe 😉

  2. zenfjaka says:

    Yes, but we ,as i remember have opportunity the oposive the fraud.

  3. Karl Gary says:

    People, these are delusional ideas. Life is really simple. There is a Dark membrane of disorder called our universe and there is a Light membrane that we can call Heaven.

    The Light membrane created the Sun to shine Light in the darkness. The Sun creates life on Earth, and without it, Earth could not exist – only darkness would exist.

    The Sun will also supply humans a way to conquer the slavery system on Earth. With the power of the Sun, we can build a world of technology and automation that eliminates the laws of money. Humans can become truly free for the first time.

    The Sun is not the worshipping of dark forces, the Sun is of Light energy and life.

    • zenfjaka says:

      Yes,Carl, but sometimes we thing/meaning this is the place of be/in wright Sometimes is beather be in peace, than in wright..My,whatever try to thinking…apologize for my languge.
      Thats my point of , whatever..
      Anyway,wish you all,tougedher new ciklus of time,,,especiali to you Chang.
      We are the bouth in thrue anda martial arts.:)…so god help all the paople with god will.
      Thnak you for teaching people.Hai!