Why Contract Law Has the Power to Make Politicians Liable for Their Actions

Authored or posted by | September 6, 2017
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Picture of the 4 Elements of a Contract

By Pao Chang, author of OmniThought.org

According to TheLawDictionary.org, Contract Law is “group of laws that control oral or scripted agreements related to trade of commodities and services, properties and money. It also contains topics related to qualities of contractual duties, restriction of activities, liberty of contract, privacy of contract, conclusion of contract, and also contains agency relationships, business document, and deals of employment.”

The word contract is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary (6th edition) using these exact words: “An agreement between two or more persons which creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing.” As for the word law, the same law dictionary defines it using these exact words: “That which is laid down, ordained, or established. A rule or method according to which phenomena or actions co-exist or follow each other. Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force.”

Based on the definitions in the last two paragraphs, Contract Law is basically a man-made law that governs agreements between persons. When it comes to man-made law and commerce, Contract Law is at the top because every commercial transaction is governed by contracts. In other words, the contract makes the law. Without contracts, no man, person or government has the legal right to tell you what to do.

The following video explains why Contract Law has the power to make politicians and other government agents liable for their actions. In the video, Josh del Sol Beaulieu (the creator of the documentary Take Back Your Power) interviews Cal Washington about how people can use the power of Contract Law to make politicians and other government agents liable for not doing their jobs properly.

Based on the information in the video, Cal Washington and I are on a similar path; but unlike him, I focus more on teaching people how to exercise the power of Natural Law to make politicians and government agents physically and spiritually liable for their actions. Natural Law is the most powerful law and is above all man’s law, such as common law, contract law, admiralty law, corporate law and UCC. To learn more about Natural Law, visit my website EsotericKnowledge.me.

Below is a short summary from InPowerMovement.com about the video.

The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)

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  1. Anabel says:

    Great points = contract law.

    The reason why they are not accountable/libel when they break the law is that the Crown Courts an Crown judges protect them even if/when you bring them into the legal system.

  2. John Rachel says:

    I am a board member of Revolt Against Plutocracy and we are implementing a nationwide strategy using candidate contracts to throw the crooks and liars out of office and establish genuine citizen participation and control of the U.S. government. Please go here … http://citizensagainstplutocracy.org … or look at this video … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9tETOqcKQI … then contact me for more information.