What is the Soul and Does It Exist?

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Human SoulThe soul is one of the most important aspects of the human body for the reason that it is needed to animate the body properly. Although it is important, there has not been a lot of research done to help us comprehend the soul. Conventional science has shied away from studying this spiritual energy, because they do not know how to prove its existence.

Conventional science likes to test and experiment its findings. If it can not prove its findings through experiments, it does not consider them to be true. This is one of the reasons why conventional science has such a hard time accepting quantum physics and the science of consciousness. Just because science can not prove that something exist does not mean that it does not exist.

The soul is one of those things that is hard to prove its existence, but everyone consciously or subconsciously knows that it exists. If we want to understand who we truly are and why we are here, we need to understand our souls. Until we can comprehend our souls and admit that it is real, living in a world of truth, peace, freedom, and prosperity will be impossible. Why? Because only the truth can set us free from the “illusion” of the material world.

What is the Soul?

One of the origins of the word soul comes from the Old English word sawol, which means “spiritual and emotional part of a person, animate existence; life, living being”. Most people believe that the soul is the non-physical part of the human body. They believe it is the spiritual energy that leaves the body after death. Defining the soul may be easy but what about the purpose of the soul and why do we need it?

Below is a paragraph extracted from my book Staradigm (second edition) about why we need the soul.

The soul is what gives us identity and personality. It is the divine source of energy that connects the mind, body and intellect. This divine being is unique in its own ways, which is why each of us has unique personalities. If the soul leaves the body for a certain amount of time, the body may get sick. If the soul leaves the body for good, the body will start to decompose and will eventually die.

There are many people who believe that there is no such thing as the soul, because it can not be proven with concrete evidence that it exists. Although this is true to a certain point, the soul can not be proven that it does not exist either. With the invention of quantum computers (i.e., D-Wave Two), it is just a matter of time before quantum physicists can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the soul exists.

Does the Soul Exist?

To find the answer to the existence of the soul we need to dig deeper into how the brain works. Through many years of studies, scientist have finally concluded that the human brain works more like a quantum computer chip and have very little consciousness. They came to this conclusion through brain experiments. One of these experiments showed that the human brain can not tell the difference between what it sees and what it remembers.

In other words, the human brain does not have the ability to discern from what is real and what is not. It only sees things as they are or as electrical signals and processes them into usable data. So, if the human brain works like a quantum computer chip, then who or what is doing the observing and experiencing the emotions? The answer has to be a higher being or what people refer to as the soul!

The soul and spirit are two entities that people get confuse a lot about. Their relationship is similar to that of electricity and magnetism; one depends on the other to function properly. The simplest definition of a soul is a projection of thought that thinks; therefore, it is self-aware. The soul is the energy anatomy that can become finite. It acts like a vehicle to house the spirit so that the spirit can enter the body to begin a new incarnation. For this reason, it is the spirit that gives the body the spark of life.

The Relationship Between the Soul and the Physical Realm

One of the reasons why the soul needs to go into the physical world is to acquire experience for soul enrichment. It is a way for it to acquire knowledge and wisdom to help it grow and evolve. Once it has achieved its purpose in the physical world, it will to return back to the spiritual world. When this happens the physical body will die; therefore, death is currently a normal part of life and should not be feared.

The soul and spirit are our true identities, and therefore they are who we truly are. The soul has all the memories of our past lives and present life. The combination of the soul and spirit is the eternal part of ourselves that lives on forever. It is important to know that our bodies are not our true identities. Instead, they are the vehicles for our souls and spirits to live in while they are incarnated in the physical world.

People who become too obsessed with their bodies do not understand their true selves, which is why they can not seem to find their sense of purpose in life. This obsession causes their egos to control their lives, causing them pain and slowing their spiritual evolution. To prevent these things from affecting you, you need to accept who you truly are, which is a spiritual being with infinite potential.

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