What Is Natural Law? Why It Can Nullify All Legal Contracts & Debts

Authored or posted by | June 15, 2017
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Picture of Nature and Natural Law

By Pao Chang, author of EsotericKnowledge.me

Most people in the freedom and sovereignty movement like to use techniques based on common law, statutory law, contract law, trust law, corporate law and/or UCC to defend their rights and nullify legal contracts. Some of the techniques are pretty effective, but they are often too confusing for the average people and require a good amount of paperwork. If not done properly using specific procedures, the techniques can even get people in trouble with the legal system.

Based on my knowledge and experience with the legal system and Natural Law, most of the techniques that utilize common law, statutory law, contract law, trust law, corporate law and UCC are ineffective for freeing people at the spiritual level. Some of the techniques are effective for freeing people at the physical level, but to truly be free from the Matrix, which is the artificial reality that has physically and spiritually enslaved every human being on Earth, people need to learn to exercise the power of Natural Law. Natural Law is the most powerful law that men and women can use to defend their natural rights and nullify all legal contracts, because it is superior than all laws created by man.

Man’s law, such as common law, statutory law, civil law, contract law, trust law, corporate law and UCC, does have some parts of Natural Law embodied within it, but many of its laws often contradict Natural Law. If a law is contrary to Natural Law, it is not even a genuine law, and therefore should not be called a law.

Is There Evidence That Natural Law Exists?

The evidence that Natural Law exists is everywhere, even inside your body. Anyone who thinks that Natural Law does not exist need to go outside and throw a ball into the air and observe what happens after the act. The outcome of this simple experiment will always end up with the ball falling back to the ground of Earth, showing that a group of Natural Law is governing the dynamics of the act.

If there were not a group of Natural Law to govern the dynamics of the act of throwing the ball into the air, it would be impossible to predict what would happen to the ball when it is thrown into the air. This group of Natural Law is often known as the Law of Gravity, which has existed since the beginning of the Universe. In other words, it was NOT created by scientists but was rediscovered by them. However, mainstream scientists’ current theory of the Law of Gravity is not accurate.

What Is Natural Law?

A Dictionary of Law (1889) defines the term Natural Law using these exact words: “The rule of human action prescribed by the Creator, and discoverable by the light of reason.” In other words, Natural Law is the Law of the Supreme Creator and can be known by the light of reason. Because of this, you do not need to go to school to know Natural Law. However, studying knowledge of Natural Law in certain books and lectures from certain spiritual teachers does help you to be more aware of the knowledge of Natural Law stored within your body.

In simple terms, Natural Law simply means that the law is natural and not man-made. It is important to know that Natural Law is a group of spiritual laws that governs the dynamics of the Universe. Some people like to refer to the Laws of Natural Law as the Laws of Nature. Natural Law is also known as God’s Law or Cosmic Law. Some important things you need to know about the Laws of Nature are that they are immutable (can not be changed) and everything in the Universe is bound to them. It is also important to know that Natural Law is not really a religious or scientific thing, because it has existed long before the existence of religion and science. In other words, Natural Law is “neutral” and naturally found in Nature!

The journey of studying Natural Law is very empowering, because it teaches you how to be a true sovereign spiritual being. It also teaches you how to exercise your spiritual powers and defend your natural rights using the Laws of Nature, which are binding, immutable and inescapable while living in a universe that is bound to time and space.

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