What is Creation (God)? The Evidence Proving It Exists

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Flickr Commons: Image provided by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I advise that you read this article with an open mind because it contains evidence and sacred knowledge that will help you understand Creation (God) beyond conventional thinking. The evidence and sacred knowledge in this article will also help free your mind from the conventional matrix that was designed to enslave you and prevent your mind from maturing.

The mass awakening that is occurring throughout the world cannot be denied anymore. It is causing a lot of us to wake up and realize that something is wrong with our current paradigm. The mass awakening is also causing a lot of confusion. Once the confusion is over, it is going to change how we view our current paradigm, especially our modern religious paradigm.

Disclosure: The greatest deception in modern human history

Humanity is about to face one of the greatest deceptions in human history. This deception not only involves our religious system, but also our educational, political and financial system. The people, who are not awake and aware and who like to live in denial, will soon be faced with one of their worst nightmares. The nightmare of knowing that they have been lied to and cheated by their “authorities” since the day they were born. When this event unfolds (it is already happening), it is going to cause a lot of anger and grief throughout the world.

I know that when it comes to discussing about Creation (God), most people are easily offended if the information being presented does not flow well with their beliefs. Before you get angry and stop reading this article, ask yourself these questions. How many times have I been lied to by the current paradigm? Am I truly happy with the current paradigm? Does the current paradigm teach me knowledge of empowerment so that I can achieve a state of knowing? Or does it teaches me knowledge of disempowerment and pressures me to worship a higher being so that I can be convinced that Creation exists only to punish me for being bad?

Most of us have a weak connection to Creation, because instead of knowing that Creation exists, we replace the “knowing” with the “belief” that It exists. There is a big difference between believing and knowing. When you have reached that undeniable state of knowing, you will not need proof that Creation exists. Hopefully, this article will open your eyes more and help you find certain paths that will someday assist you in achieving that state of knowing.

What is Creation (God)?

One of the simplest definitions of Creation is energy or consciousness. This word “energy” is so simple; yet it can be used to describe everything in the Universe. To have a better understanding of why energy has this unique feature, let us turn our attention to the realm of energy mechanics, consciousness and fractal geometry.

In school we were taught that energy is a substance that cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Surprisingly, our authorities’ definition of energy is actually accurate but their definition is missing some very important features of energy. The definition of energy given by our educational system basically says that energy is immortal and can become all things. What does this definition of energy sound like to you? To me, it sounds like Creation! This is why the answers to everything lie within the substance of energy.

What our educational and religious system fails to teach us is that energy and consciousness are basically the same thing; therefore, energy is conscious of itself. Besides being conscious, the pure form of energy is infinitely intelligent in nature. It is because of energy that we have emotions, awareness and the ability to think, just like Creation.

The evidence that prove Creation exists

The “proof” that Creation exists can be found when we explore the deeper realms of the atomic world. It can also be found in nature if we care to study and observe it carefully. Please be aware that the evidence showing that Creation exists are not concrete; therefore, they cannot show you in plain view that Creation exists. However, they can show you the effects of Creation. The evidence showing that Creation exists in our third dimension of reality is similar to the evidence of gravity. You cannot directly see that gravity exists, but you know it exists because you can feel the effects of it.

The paragraph below, which is extracted from dapla.org, contains evidence that show the effects of Creation at the subatomic level.

“In some strange way an electron or a photon [or any other elementary particle] seems to ‘know’ about changes in the environment and appears to respond accordingly,” says physicist Danah Zohar. A group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has done a variation of the famous “double-slit” experiment. They used electrons, instead of photons, and observed how the resultant interference pattern (which indicates wave-like properties of the particle) dissipated the longer you watched the electrons go through the slits. As a wave the electron passes through both slits simultaneously but if, according to E Buks, it “senses” that it is being watched, the electron (as a particle) goes through only one path, diminishing the interference pattern. Elementary particles (such as photons and electrons) appear to possess a certain degree of “intelligence” and awareness of the environment. Renowned plasma and particle physicist, David Bohm, says “In some sense a rudimentary mind-like quality is present even at the level of particle physics. As we go to subtler levels this mind-like quality becomes stronger and more developed.”

The result of the experiment mentioned in the paragraph above has made some physicists realize that the further they explore the subatomic level, the mind-like quality that they discovered in particles becomes more intelligent and infinite. Some physicists like to call this mind-like quality the Unified Field. This field is the infinite and intelligent field of Creation!

Another evidence that does a great job showing the effects of Creation is fractal geometry. The short video clip below does a great job explaining what fractal geometry is.

The Fingerprint of God

The video above shows evidence that the Universe and all organic and non-organic life within it were created by an intelligent Creator, and that everything existing in the physical world has infinite geometric patterns known as fractal geometry. This video would have done a better job of explaining how the Universe works by acknowledging the difference between the Krystal Spiral and Fibonacci Spiral.

Fractal geometry plays an important role for helping us understand how the Universe was created, because it contains some of the basic features of Creation. Fractal geometry also proves that the Universe was not created by accident but was intelligently designed. This is why physicist can use mathematics to describe the Universe. With some simple math and some understanding of fractal geometry, a computer programmer can create very complex and organic materials. Fractal geometry is very popular in 3D software, such as Maya and 3D Studio Max.

Below is a short video that does a great job showing how fractals can be used to create very complex and infinite objects.

Arthur Clarke: Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity 1 of 6

The short video below is part 3 of the video above. It shows how fractal geometry can be used to create DNA, the patterns on a butterfly’s wings, landscape and other organic materials.

Arthur Clarke: Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity 3 of 6

This is the infinite and mysterious power of Creation. Its way of creating things is very simple at the fundamental levels but has infinite complexity and potential. This is why some spiritual teachers tell us to keep things simple. However, a lot of them do not understand the deeper meanings of simplicity.

Experience is the key to understanding what Creation is

The evidence showing that Creation exists are so overwhelming that rejecting Its existence is ignorance. It is the lack of knowledge that is preventing people from understanding that Creation exists. This lack of knowledge can be solved if we, the people of Earth, take appropriate actions to reclaim our powers back and change our educational, political, financial and religious systems, and remove the corrupt leaders who are in control of them. It is through the naive actions of our corrupt leaders that our way of life and planet are at the brink of extinction.

Physicists who have studied energy mechanics, the science of consciousness, sacred geometry and quantum mechanics deeply enough know deep down in their hearts that Creation exists. If they claim that Creation does not exist, they are just lying to themselves and others, or are too afraid to face the truth.

When it comes to understanding what Creation is, the power of words can only go so far. Words alone cannot explain what Creation truly is because Creation goes beyond words. Have you ever had an experience that was so incredible that no words can describe how it felt? Understanding Creation is similar to this analogy. It is only through experience that you can truly understand what Creation is.

To experience what Creation truly is, you will need to search within yourself and learn how to communicate with the divine energy that makes up your soul. Creation does not truly exist out there. The external or material world behaves more like an illusion. To be more accurate, the external world works similar to a virtual reality. For proof of this, please read What Is Reality? How It Relates to Your Well-Being.

Because Creation exists within each of us, we are never separated from Its loving energy. The moment we become truly separated from Creation, we will cease to exist.

This article originally appeared at EnergyFanatics.com.

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