We the Sheeple of Amerika

Authored or posted by | May 6, 2016
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Picture of Sheep Watching TV

Sheeple of Amerika is a short music video exposing the sinister agendas of certain corporations and the Elite. It also reveals a lot of truths that the sheeple are too scared to acknowledge. Some of the topics discussed in the video are vaccine, dietary supplement, chemtrail, pharmaceutical drug, GMO, politics, mainstream media, and the Elite and their New World Order. The music video contains some humor, so you might giggle a little bit when watching it.

If you do not know what the word sheeple means, it is defined as “people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led”. The word sheeple was created by combining the word “sheep” with “people” (sheep + people = sheeple). As for the word Amerika, it is “a word used to describe the worst sense of the United States, i. e. imperialism, corruption, and the global exportation of American culture”. In other words, it is used to describe a Nazi state. Hence the word Amerika (Nazi Amerika).

Sheeple of Amerika

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