We May Be Living in the Matrix, Says Engineer

Authored or posted by | May 2, 2016
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Picture of the Matrix Rain CodesBy Tara MacIsaac, contributor for TheEpochTimes.com

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Our world isn’t necessarily a computer program designed by parasitic futuristic robots like in the movie “The Matrix.” But it does bear a striking resemblance to a digital simulation or computer program, according to engineer Jim Elvidge.

Elvidge has worked with cutting-edge digital technology for decades. He holds a masters degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University as well as multiple patents in digital signal processing, and he has published papers about remote sensing and other related topics in peer-reviewed journals. Combining his knowledge of digital systems with quantum mechanics, Elvidge has found that we may be living in something like a computer program.

The matter, the “stuff” we seem to touch and feel, is actually mostly empty space. Our senses deceive us.

Early physicists pictured atoms as pin-ball-like particles piled up tightly together to form molecules. Scientists later discovered that there’s a whole lot of space between those atoms. And within the atoms, there’s a whole lot of space too. The further we delve into the subatomic world, the more space we find, and the less material everything seems. The solid and tangible become ethereal.

As to what that space is exactly, there are various understandings or theories. Elvidge understands it to be data. Elvidge believes that, as trends in particle physics progress, we will ultimately find that there is no “stuff” at all; matter is just data. And what’s behind that data is something like the binary code of a computer program. Furthermore, human consciousness may live in a sort of cosmic Internet, only to be accessed through the interface of our brain-computers.

A World of Data

Elvidge builds on the ideas of influential theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008) who wrote in his book “Geons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam: A Life in Physics”: “It is not unreasonable to imagine that information sits at the core of physics, just as it sits at the core of a computer.”

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  1. If this is so which I could beleave then how can I get out of this peace of BS cuz I had enough?