Victim Consciousness: How to Overcome This Negative State of Mind

Authored or posted by | September 4, 2013
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( Most of us do not like to be victims but yet many of us are victims because we are trapped in a state of victim consciousness. One of the reasons why most of us are trapped in this state is because our society teaches us at an early age to think like victims. This is done purposely to keep us reliant on our government and lock us in a state of fear so we can be controlled. Victim consciousness is not necessarily a bad thing but it does cause us to lose power of our consciousness by weakening the connection to our souls.

For millennia, we human beings have been searching for a way to free us from being victims so we can experience true freedom. After thousands of years of suffering, we still have not succeeded. The main reason why we cannot find a good solution is because we have not freed ourselves from victimhood. Through the power of the Law of Attraction, victim consciousness draws in negative experiences that exploit our consciousness until we learn our lessons. For this reason, as long as we do not learn our lessons and are trapped in victim consciousness, we will never experience true freedom.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about victim consciousness.

Victim consciousness draws in not only negative experiences but also the right people to help support these negative experiences. For example, people who have victim attitudes will draw fellow victims as well as abusers to exploit their consciousness. They will often wonder why they keep attracting abusive partners or friends. They do not realize that they attract abusive partners or friends because of the way they think. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that utilizes thoughts to attract similar people who want similar experiences. In other words, if we keep thinking that we are victims, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing abusive people or situations into our lives to provide more victim experiences until we learn our lessons or change our thought patterns. Abusers cannot play their roles without the participation of victims unless they force victims to participate. Once victims understand this, they can remove themselves from the situation by changing their attitudes and actions. Another example of a victim and abuser relationship is war because it establishes an extreme situation in which the victims are abused by the abusers. War does not solve problems: it only attracts more wars.

How to overcome victim consciousness

The solution for overcoming victim consciousness is personal responsibility. Personal responsibility calms the overactive human ego so that it cannot empower itself to do certain tasks that it should not be doing. The reason why it calms the ego is because when we become more responsible, we take back some of the responsibilities that were lost to the ego when we became irresponsible. Self-empowerment is also important for overcoming victim consciousness because it strengthens the connection to our souls and reduces fears.

Once we understand how victim consciousness works, we will realize that if we do not change our current way of thinking, we can never achieve true freedom and world peace. Freedom and world peace can only occur when we become more responsible. As long as we reject personal responsibility, we will always rely on our government and religious leaders to make important decisions for us.

It is hard to believe that after thousands of years of repeated mistakes, most human beings still have not figured out why our prayers of being rescued have not been answered. The answer is simple. Prayers can only be answered in a helpful way when they are asked with responsibility but the prayers have to be in compliance with the laws of the Universe. To answer a victim’s prayer would be to become a victim of the rescued, making the situation worse. Now you may realize why after thousands of years of suffering we have not transcended our current level of experience. Instead, we have been going around in circles repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

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  1. Jackson says:

    I liked what you said about responsibility.