The Unlawfully Land Grab in Oregon by the U.S. Government and an Update From Ammon Via Email From Carol Bundy

Authored or posted by | February 5, 2016
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The content in non-italicized text below was extracted from and reposted here to inform you and other readers about the conflict between the ranchers in Oregon and the U.S. federal government. The U.S. federal government is a corporation and has NO lawful right to take any land from the people (natural persons) of the USA. To be more specific, the U.S. federal government is a CRIMINAL FOREIGN CORPORATION. For proof that the U.S. government is a foreign corporation, visit this link.

Because the U.S. government is a criminal foreign corporation, it has no lawful standing, so do not let their FOREIGN agents scare you with their threats and Nazi gestapo tactics. It is time for us Americans to give them the middle finger and tell them to get off our land.

Here is the occult definition of the word government:

The word government originated from the Old French word governement, meaning “control, direction, administration”. To find the occult definition of the word government, you need to split it into two words, transforming the word government into “govern-ment” or “govern ment“.

One of the origins of the word govern is the Latin word gubernare, which translates to English as “to direct, rule, guide, govern”. The suffix ment has a few different origins. One of them comes from the Latin word ment, meaning “mind”.

Based on these occult definitions, the word government means “to rule the mind” or “govern the mind“. Throughout history, governments throughout the world have always used “mind control” techniques, such as subliminal messages and propaganda to condition us how to think. The purpose of this is to control how we think, so that they can rule our minds. [Source:]

The most effective way for us to take back our land from the government and restore our freedom is to learn about our natural rights and how to defend them. It will take educated and responsible people to restore freedom here in the USA and throughout the world. A violent revolution is not the answer, because it will only create more karma and give the New World Order (NWO) an excuse to establish and enforce martial law.

Do not rely on authorities and politicians to restore our freedom, because most of them are bought off by the Controllers (leaders of the NWO). Even if the “authorities” are able to restore our freedom, as long as the people remain ignorant, the Controllers and their minions can easily infiltrate our society and “destroy” our freedom and rights again.

We can NOT have true freedom without responsibility and knowing our natural rights. In a world trapped in polarity, people who do not know their natural rights and how to defend them will never achieve true freedom. Here is a great article that I wrote to help you start learning about your natural rights. It is titled Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations.

I do not agree with everything that the people of Burns, Oregon are doing, but if they are truly standing up for their natural rights, then I support their courage to defend their natural rights and freedom. As always, use your intuition to discern the following information. ~ PL Chang

Picture of Ammon Bundy Oregon Standoff

( Dear Friends,

Hundreds of people were freely coming into the refuge to get education on their rights. Many group presentations were given each day. On Saturday, the 24th, ten ranchers from Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona nullified their grazing contracts with the BLM and U.S. Forest Service. On Saturday, the 24th, grand jury administrators from Nebraska and Florida were forming a grand jury to review the abuses in the Hammond case. Tuesday, the 27th, the day LaVoy was killed, we began releasing documents exposing criminal acts by the government. The evening of the 27th, a meeting was scheduled with Grant County residents to give a presentation with those at the refuge. To give their presentation to hundreds of people in the county, including the county Sheriff.

The FBI attacked those who were to give the presentation on the way to this peaceful meeting, leaving hundreds at the meeting with no speakers. On Wednesday, the 28th, a follow up meeting was scheduled with Harney County residents with those at the refuge to finalize actions to claim back lands that were taken by the BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and United States Forest Service. This included plans to take action to begin logging again in Harney County and to restore the thriving economy once known to the Harney County residents. On Thursday evening, the 29th, a meeting was scheduled with Malheur County residents with those at the refuge to give a presentation on the constitution as it pertained to federal limits to land ownership inside the states. This meeting was to occur in Ontario, Oregon. Hundreds were expected to attend. The sheriff’s Department also accepted the invitation and was scheduled to attend.

On Friday afternoon, the 30th, residents surrounding Jordan Valley, Oregon, had scheduled a seminar with those at the refuge to come out and inform them of how they can protect themselves from a national monument that is to be signed in by President Obama this year, 2016. This monument is twice the size of Yellowstone, takes up a third of the county’s land mass, and will put over 250 ranchers out of business as they know it. Ranchers from Malheur county were scheduled to nullify their contracts with the U.S. Forest Service.

In the following weeks, meetings were scheduled in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and the State of Washington. Multiple Skype meetings were also set up throughout the Western U.S. All these meetings were to discuss how they would stand against the unconstitutional land control by the federal government. Those at the refuge collected over 50 testimonies of ranchers who lost their family property to the U.S. Government in Harney and surrounding counties. Hundreds of government documents were compiled by those at the refuge. Many of the documents exposed abusive actions by federal government officials, Judge Grasty, Harney County Sheriff’s Department and direct abuses to the Hammond family.

Escalation of force from the FBI, OSP, and the Sheriff’s Department incrementally increased as the education from the refuge expanded. Government officials knew that if they did not take forceful preemptive action to stop the expanding the influence of the refuge, many would begin to stand for land rights as protected by the United States Constitution. Make no mistake about it: those that were educating at the refuge and are now suffering in jail at this time are political prisoners.

Those at the refuge never pointed a gun and never pulled a trigger to kill. They chose to educate, giving others the freedom to choose. The government promoted fear and forceful tactics to control and stop this education. And ultimately, they used force by the barrel of the gun.

Please watch the video below.


Ammon Bundy, 2/4/16

Link: To contribute to Ammon’s defense:—Legal-Defense-Fund

Ammon Bundy Statement Feb 4 2016

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  1. trish says:

    just as the federal government has no right over the land neither does the government have rights over living souls residing on the land. The government has rights over the corporation AMMON BUNDY, file number, and document number 123, which resides in the department of vital statics. The government has no right over the living soul, born naked, without number , residing on the land and commonly called Ammon of the Bundy family. Please provide contract that Ammon of the Bundy signed that he gave away his freedom rights.