Unbelievable! Shocking Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Mermaids

Authored or posted by | December 23, 2013
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Beautiful Mermaids

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Mike Baird

Mermaids have always been a part of myths in human culture for millennia, but do mermaids really exist? Throughout history people claim that they exist. However, there hasn’t been any strong evidence proving that mermaids are real. Could we ever discover concrete evidence to prove their existence? According to a documentary called Mermaids The Body Found, mermaids are real and certain high ranking people in the Navy have known about them for decades.

Certain ancient civilizations had kept records of unidentified creatures. Whenever these records are found, researchers usually brush them off as myths and fairy tales. The problem with modern researchers is that they aren’t open-minded as they should be. Whenever they discover something that is out of the ordinary and can’t explain it, they usually make up some story to make people lose interest or say that it’s a myth. What they should do is publish their discovery and invite other researchers to help them prove if it’s a myth or not.

Here is the YouTube version of Mermaids The Body Found. This documentary aired last year (2012) on Animal Planet. After watching this mermaid documentary, do you think it contains enough evidence to prove that mermaids are real?

Mermaids The Body Found

After the documentary Mermaids The Body Found aired on Animal Planet, it motivated some researchers to search for more evidence to prove that mermaids exist. Below is a short video of their findings. Do you think the evidence in this video is good enough to prove the existence of mermaids? Watch it and decide for yourself.

Mermaids The New Evidence

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  1. Shay says:

    While I hold to the existence of these and other beings “Mermaids: The Body Found” was not a documentary. That was fictional with the only factual piece of information was regarding the “Blip”, if I recall the correct term, which still has no clear explanation for.