Unbelievable! Shapeshifting Caught On Tape

Authored or posted by | May 13, 2016
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Picture of People shapeshifting at Paris Attacks Press Conference

I personally do not believe there are aliens living on Earth that can physically shapeshift. However, I am aware that there are beings living on our planet that do not look like us, and therefore they like to use holographic technology to hide their appearance. When their holographic technology has glitches, you can see their true appearance for a few seconds. The first video at the end of this article will show you evidence of this.

I read some of the comments on You Tube about the first video and some people are saying that the people shapeshifting are demons. If this were true, it would not surprise me at all. I mentioned about these demons in my new book titled Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words. Here is an excerpt from my book about these demons:

Because the demons of the Dark Forces are the dead entities that need to feed on humanity’s life force energy to survive, they are “astral parasites” or “energy vampires”. They are energy vampires for the reason that they need to feed on the energy of humanity to survive, and they need our permission before they can do anything to us. This is where the idea of vampires comes from.

I am aware that there are demons roaming the astral plane, but are there demons in physical forms that are roaming Earth? Even if there are demons walking among us, you do not need to fear them. Like us, they are bound to the Natural Laws that govern the reality of Earth. In other words, to physically interact with us, they need physical bodies. As long as they are inside physical bodies, they can physically die and feel pain and fear.

The demons roaming the astral plane like to make themselves look like angels or enlightened beings and then contact certain people to convince them to open the “door” of their minds to let them in. When people give these demons permission to interact with them, it can allow them to possess their minds.

The people who are vulnerable to demonic possession often lack courage and awareness and are depressed and suicidal. People who loves to do sinister deeds are also vulnerable to demonic possession. It is my understanding that the Elite controlling our planet are possessed by demons. Many royal families and religious leaders are also possessed by them. This is why they are psychopaths.

Below is a short video that will make you wonder if there are demons in physical form roaming Earth. If they were to exist in physical form, it would not surprise me at all. Nowadays, nothing really surprises me anymore because the truth is stranger than fiction.

Reptilian Female Shifting and Holographic Failure

When you understand that we live in the Matrix, it makes it possible for these demonic beings to hide their appearance using holographic technology. Their holographic technology may be failing because Earth’s frequency is increasing, making it harder for them to hide their appearance. To learn more about the Matrix, study the information in my sixth seminar titled The Matrix Decoded: Decoding the Occult Messages in The Matrix.

The video below shows evidence that the Matrix of the Dark Forces may be failing. If you do not have time to watch the whole video, scroll to the time of 2:30 to see the sun go berserk.

How Can That Be the Sun?

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