Trump: Bush Knew in Advance 9/11 was Coming!

Authored or posted by | October 21, 2015
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Donald Trump CNNI am not a big fan of but their article below was kind of interesting. I am somewhat surprised to hear Donald Trump say on public TV that Bush knew in advance the USA was going to be attacked in September 2001. Be ware that by reposting this article, I am not supporting Donald Trump or any candidate. I do not support politicians because nearly all of them are working for the UNITED STATES, which is NOT a country but a criminal and foreign corporation. In other words, nearly all U.S. politicians are FOREIGN agents and TRAITORS to the American people.

On September 9, 2015, I wrote an article about why the different factions of the Illuminati may be at war with one another. This article is titled Are the Different Factions of the Illuminati at War with One Another? Could this be why Donald Trump is being allowed to reveal sensitive information about 9/11 and other controversial subjects? Something to think about when reading the article below. ~ PL Chang

( Doubling down on his comments regarding George W. Bush and 9/11, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has declared that the then president knew that the attacks were coming.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Trump refused to apologise for previous comments about Bush and the 9/11 attacks, going as far to say that the president was given warning, and that he had “advanced notice” that it was coming.

Donald Trump Defends 9/11 Comments – Bush ‘Did Know It Was Coming’

“Look, his brother gets hit on, he’s a loyal person, he’s loyal to his brother,” Trump said referring to his rival Jeb Bush. “But his brother made some mistakes.”

“His brother could have made a mistake with the actual hit,” Trump continued.

“They did know it was coming. George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming. So they did have advanced notice,” the billionaire candidate added.

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  1. BDBinc says:

    Why are you surprised Trump is just as corrupt and involved in the NWO workings as Bush is. He is only saying publicly what was already known in order to gain worship/popularity.
    It was obvious from the video of Bush that was done at the time and that he was (and what he was) reading to the INNOCENT kids. Thus hoping to be seen as innocent by association when he was told of the destruction = there was no surprise, no get up and leave immediately action and no sorrow. Since everyone knows it was an inside job there is no surprise it teh information is being used to manipulate people. Maybe some fools will vote for him, maybe some fools will vote.

    • PL Chang says:

      I was SOMEWHAT surprise that he said it on PUBLIC TV. Not everyone knows that it was an inside job. Most people are still too brainwashed to see the truth.

      • BDBinc says:

        Its the way and method of the NWO media = feeding half truths when they want their agent(s) to be trusted.
        Look how good agent Putin is looking through the eyes of the “alternative” “activist” media. Putin has escalated the war increased refugees and is bombing Syria and Americans like him more. He says all the ‘right’ things in his PR (in the now polarized for control of all) media.
        The NWO know exactly how many people in the usa that don’t believe the media and don’t trust the govt. Most american’s now don’t trust the govt/politicians.
        It was done deliberately to (re)install trust in their candidate Trump (and the media).They can’t have the people stop feeding their matrix through ceasing to vote !