The Differences Between Organic and Holographic Reality

Authored or posted by | July 23, 2016
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Picture of Organic Reality

By Irina Iosub, author of

In my eBook I speak about the fact that we are organic beings having a holographic experience. Since this is such a complex and relevant topic, I wish to go into further detail.

Organic vs. Holographic

The universe in which we exist is organic in nature. Contrary to the current narrative within the alternative community, the universe is not all holographic.

I will try to explain.

Beyond all creation and all universes, we are eternal beings, existing within an absolute internal state of self. You can think of this as source, soul, or true core essence. It doesn’t have a shape, it can’t be defined, it simply is. It wasn’t created, it doesn’t belong to something else, it has no beginning, no end, it is infinite in nature, self-sustainable (doesn’t require anything in order to exist), and it’s infinitely capable of creation.

When soul creates, it basically spawns organic life into existence. It projects it outwards from within, as an extension of self. Organic life (and implicitly the organic universe) is simply something that comes directly from source, an actual continuation of self, which means that it is absolutely eternal, self-sustainable and unlimited in nature also. There is no actual separation at any point between source and organic life.

Holographic life, is just one small act of creation within the entirety of organic life. Just a sub-category, one single page within a vast book.

Picture of Organic Life and Reality

Holographic life is a temporary, localized experiment, brought to life by the organic universe, within specific parameters, in order to have a particular experience. It isn’t directly connected to source, it is rather an indirect expression of source, facilitated by organic life (which is basically the intermediary). Holographic life has a beginning, and ultimately an end, at which point it dissolves back within the organic universe. It is limited in expression and non self-sustainable. It can’t exist in and of itself, it requires the organic universe in order to keep it alive. Without the organic universe, it simply can’t be.

Furthermore, holographic life simply replicates organic life. By itself, the holographic universe doesn’t have any creative power, it just re-creates what already is. It can only operate with the tools that the organic universe gives it, within the predetermined boundaries.

The principles of organic life vs. the principles of holographic life

There are a set of underlying principles present within all of creation; these are time, energy, form, void, and life and they can be found within both the fabric of organic and holographic life. The way in which they are expressed within the two expressions is very different however. It is through these difference that we can best understand both in relationship to one another.

Picture of Organic Life and Holographic Life (Text)

By studying both sets of principles, it’s fairly clear to see that our current reality here on Earth and our human experience is very holographic in nature. We experience time in a linear fashion, we go through a process of birth and death, we are created by something else (our parents), we experience a disconnect from source, we are limited in capacity and potential, and we require sustenance from something else in order to stay alive.

Are we nothing more than holograms then?

No!!! The illusion of the holographic reality would have us believe that this is all that we are, but in actuality, we are so much more! We are true eternal organic beings, simply experiencing life through the eyes of a holographic body, within a holographic reality, on a true organic Earth, that is contained within a holographic planetary body.

There are two versions of self that are always present: the true organic self, and the holographic self and it is the relationship between the two that we need to understand and heal before we can exit the holographic experience.

What is the organic self like?

Underneath the holographic layer, we are ever evolving, self-sustainable (we don’t require the need to consume anything), eternal (we never die or get sick), and fully connected not only to source, but to all other organic life around us. The organic body of the Earth is also ever-evolving, completely self-sustainable (nature doesn’t need to kill something else in order to exist), eternal, and fully connected to humanity and the universe.

At the organic level, we also have an ability to fully communicate, to fully empathize, to truly know one another. If I cause you joy, I will also feel that joy. If I cause you some form of discomfort or pain, I will also feel that pain. Because of this transparency in our interactions and sharing, sacred relationships are very natural, very fluid, very easy to sustain in the organic universe. The moment I step past the boundaries of your sacred space, and who you are as a being, I will become aware of it, and know to stop. To push further, would mean to keep not only you in pain, but to keep myself in pain.

As organic beings, we have a healthy relationship with our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and we can easily flow in harmony with the universe around us. We are very honest, very authentic, very raw, and this allows for amazing balanced relationships, based in absolute honesty.

This is all because of the organic touch.

Picture of Organic Humans and Organic Touch

An organic touch occurs when two organic beings interact. Because two organic beings are fully empathetic towards one another, there are no distortions, misunderstandings, biases or misrepresentations. An organic touch is always very authentic, very clear, accurate, precise. There is no room for guessing. You just know the other being. When we interact with the planet, we know it fully as a being. When we interact with an animal, a tree, a rock, or a blade of grass, we instantly know who they are.

However, if we look at our current human experience, we can see that this is no longer happening. So what changed?

We ourselves haven’t changed per se. At our very core, we are still fully organic in nature. However, this is no longer all that we are. Over the organic self, sits a holographic mask now. A holographic body that is part of a holographic reality.

What is the holographic self like?

The holographic self is basically a matrix persona that can operate within the holographic reality. When an organic being enters a holographic reality, it automatically takes onto a holographic suit. Without this suit, the organic self could never exist within the matrix. It is this artificial body that basically binds the organic to the holographic world.

In a sense, the holographic self is the interface that allows us to interact with the matrix and be part of it. It is the intermediary between the organic universe and the holographic universe.

Since the matrix was not something introduced upon humanity in a friendly manner, the transition from the organic to the holographic was very abrupt and very traumatic. Here we were, eternal beings of infinite potential, suddenly contained within a limited, finite box. Endless complexity, within one simple, rigid structure.

It was a highly unnatural conversion that scarred us quite deeply. We lost the organic touch, and instead were left with a very foreign holographic touch.

Picture of Organic Humans and Holographic Touch

At the organic level all we needed to do was to just be ourselves, and the world around us would instantly able to feel us, understand us. Our relationships with one another were highly transparent, empathetic and free flowing. Our own sacred space was crystal clear to all the beings around us, and our interactions were naturally very balanced and respectful.

With the holographic overlay in place though, our connections were severed. For the first time, what we felt and thought, was no longer transparent to those around us. All of our reactions were happening from behind a holographic wall, which heavily damaged our sacred connections. We couldn’t understand each other anymore, we couldn’t feel each other’s boundaries anymore either and our capacity for empathy was tremendously diminished.

We found ourselves operating foreign bodies that we didn’t understand, living within a foreign reality that completely confused us. We didn’t know how to express ourselves through this matrix persona, let alone how to handle a finite body, that experienced sickness, aging, death. A body that needed to consume in order to exist, and had no direct connection to source, and the rest of life within the universe.

This was a complete contradiction to our truest nature, and it caused a great deal of internal conflict. A conflict that caused deep trauma, and in turn led to our dissociation from our organic inner selves. Our true eternal nature was too painful to remember from such a limited condition, so we chose to slowly forget who we truly were, and began to identify with our holographic egos instead.

Our relationship with our internal organic thoughts, feelings, emotions became highly dysfunctional also, and we began operating mostly from a place of fear and pain. A fear that stripped us of our self-confidence, and love for sovereignty. It became easier to allow others to make our decisions for us, than to have to take full responsibility over our holographic roles.

Our way out of this mess

For as long as we are inhabiting this holographic reality, we are organic beings having a holographic experience. Whether we like it or not, we are in it, and we need to deal with it. We can’t wish it away, we can’t ignore it, and we can’t pretend it isn’t here. This is all we have been doing for the past I don’t know how many eons of time, and it hasn’t worked out too well for us.

The matrix might have been imposed upon us in an unfriendly manner, but that’s literally the extent of the imposition. The experience itself that we have within the matrix is humanity’s decision. Nobody can control the way in which we choose to participate within the holographic reality. How we choose to behave and express ourselves is our own responsibility. How we choose to address our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and interact with one another, is solely on us. There might be an ongoing effort to keep us in a dysfunctional, self-loathing state, but whether we allow that effort to succeed or not is up to us and us alone.

It might appear that we are powerless, but it is far from being so. We are quite powerful, and even from within the limitations of our holographic experience, we have the final say, always.

If the majority of humans were to remember their true eternal nature, and were to heal the relationship between the matrix ego and the organic self, and return to a place of authenticity and sacred relationships, our reality would be very different. The systems of control would dissolve, the matrix would begin to dissolve too, and we would slowly return to the true organic universe.

If, however, the greater collective doesn’t operate from a healthy place, our journey will take a very different route. Please read my free ebook at in order to best understand the story of humanity, the times ahead, the split in journeys that will occur and the means through which we will return to the true organic timeline.

My following articles will focus less on the details of our story (since the book already addresses that), and more on how we can truly heal, and best navigate the holographic experience.

Thank you for reading!

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