Staradigm (Third Edition): A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being

Authored or posted by | May 4, 2018
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Do you feel that there is more to life than what you are being told? Do you sense that you are here for a higher purpose? Do you feel that there is something wrong with the world, but have a hard time finding the answers? Do you want to know some of the answers to world peace, life, happiness and freedom? Do you ask yourself these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is true love? Does God exist?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, the third edition of Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being (written by Pao Chang, author of and will enlighten your mind with empowering knowledge that has the power to guide you to find answers to some of life’s most important questions.

The information in Staradigm is not your average information, because it has important knowledge that will cause a paradigm shift in how you view life and reality. This knowledge is the type of knowledge that will help you to achieve spiritual freedom, which is one of the most important things in life.

Since the first edition of this book, which was published in April 2011, the author has gained so much essential knowledge about life, reality, spirituality and law that it has helped him to see the big picture of the Earth Drama in extraordinary ways. The enlightening knowledge that he has learned since 2011 is so important for freeing mankind from the Earth Drama that he had to go back and edit every chapter of Staradigm. All the chapters have been fully edited to make them more informative and empowering, and to reflect the author’s new understanding of the Earth Drama. Because of this, the third edition is almost like a new book.

The main difference between the third edition and the previous editions is that the third edition has much more esoteric knowledge and teaches you how to exercise your natural rights, allowing you to prevent the government from harming you and your property. In addition, Chapter 8 (The Spiritual Powers of Natural Law and the Secrets of the Legal System) now has information that teaches you how to exercise the power of Natural Law. Unlike the previous editions, the third edition has secret knowledge that shows you how man was created and reveals the secret meaning behind the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Chapter 8 is very important for helping you and mankind to achieve spiritual freedom, because it exposes the dirty secrets of the legal system and shows you how to defend your natural rights using Natural Law, which is a body of organic Spiritual Laws that is used by Nature to govern everything in the Universe. When you learn how to use the Laws of Nature to empower you, it is like having your own superpowers! To be more specific, it is like being in a superhero movie where you can harness the elements and forces of Nature to protect your loved ones from evil. Sounds too good to be true? Not if you learn how the Laws of Nature work. After reading Staradigm, you will be able to use certain Laws of Nature to empower you to exercise your natural rights, making it easier for you to achieve spiritual freedom.

Achieving spiritual freedom is not easy, but if you learn how to use the power of Natural Law wisely, the Dark Forces (false gods and self-serving thought-form entities) have no power over you. This is because every being in the Universe, even the Dark Forces, is bound to the Laws of the Universe. Once you know who you really are and the rules of the “game,” there is no need to be afraid of the Dark Forces anymore. However, be aware that the Dark Forces are master magicians, and therefore will do their best to trick you to give up your freedom, sovereignty and spiritual powers to them.

The information in Staradigm will teach you how to:

  • Attract happiness, success and wealth
  • Use certain Laws of Nature to help you achieve spiritual freedom
  • Find inner peace, true love and spiritual enlightenment
  • Manifest your desires using certain Laws of the Universe
  • Save your assets during times of economic hardship
  • Find spiritual truth to help you grow spiritually and understand God
  • Overcome victim mentality and free your mind from nature’s art of illusion
  • Use your intuition to discern information and help you find your path in life
  • Prepare for earth changes and economic problems
  • Discipline your mind and expand your awareness
  • Forgive others and free yourself from stress
  • Raise your frequency and prepare your body for changes
  • Increase your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

How to Preview Staradigm (Third Edition)

For a preview of Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being, read the PDF below. If for some reason you cannot view the PDF, click on this link to go directly to the PDF file.

Below is a preview of Chapter 8 in PDF. If for some reason you cannot view the following PDF, click on this link to go directly to the PDF file.

How to Buy Staradigm (Third Edition)

The third edition of Staradigm has over 225 pages and is currently available as a PDF or Kindle ebook. The price of the PDF ebook is $10.00. To buy it, click the “Add to Cart” button below. An email containing the download instructions will be sent to your email inbox by shortly after buying the ebook. If you cannot find the email in your email inbox, please check your spam folder.

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As of June 18, 2018, the third edition of Staradigm is now available as a Kindle ebook. To preview or buy it, visit or the Amazon site of your country. You can find it under the search term “staradigm”.

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