Servant King’s Confusion Programs: Exposing the Greatest Swindle and the Legal System

Authored or posted by | July 7, 2016
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Thanks to Stephen for sending me the links to the videos.

If you want to learn how to truly be free, watch all the videos and read the information in this article. The videos reveal one of the main obstacles that is preventing the people of the world from achieving true freedom. This obstacle has to do with ownership of property. Did you know that you do not own anything? This is why the government can legally tax you and banks can legally seize your home.

Picture of Servant King Confusion Programs

On May 9, 2016, I published my most important book that I have written to date, which is titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words. A few weeks later, a reader (Stephen) sent me an email with some links to some very important freedom and law videos created by Marcus, also known as Servant King. Shortly after receiving the email, I watched some of the videos and was amazed for the reason that the information in the videos was very similar to the information in my new book.

The videos are grouped into two groups. The first group of videos is titled Confusion Programs and the second group of videos is called Unraveled Programs. These two programs are great for teaching you how to free yourself from the control of the government. If you are a “free” energy inventor or small business owner, I highly encourage you to watch the videos as soon as possible, so you know how to protect your invention or business from being confiscated by the government.

I advise you watch the Confusion Programs series first, because it explains why people are confused about who they are and reveals the greatest swindle in human history. This swindle is all about tricking you to agree to live in a dead and fictional reality known as the legal system. As for the Unraveled Programs series, I have not seen it yet, but I will watch it soon and write an article about it.

If you have read my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words, you would know why the legal system operates in a fictional reality created for the purpose of tricking you to give up your life force energy to the DEAD. At the top of the legal system’s power structure are high level magicians who are controlled by demons. If you have a hard time believing that demons exist, read this mind-boggling article.

If you want to learn how to free your mind and soul from the Matrix and the legal system, I highly encourage you to watch the videos at the end of this article. The videos have very empowering knowledge that will help you better comprehend the big picture of why humanity has been enslaved and abused for so long.

The man speaking in the video is Marcus (Servant King). His teachings on spirituality and law relate very well to my teachings on Natural Law and spiritual science. I actually agree with nearly 98 percent of what he said in the Confusion Programs series. In my current life, this has never happened before.

Marcus went down a different path than I did, but we still came up with similar conclusions about the legal system. A conclusion that we both mostly agree on is the fact that the legal system is used to summon the living man (male or female) to court to play a legal game with fictional characters, so that the agents of the legal system can trick the living man to give his life force energy to the DEAD.

The descriptions of the videos in italic font were extracted from

Intro: Confusion Programs 1 of 9

“Confusion of Mind”: 2 of 9

Your Mind: Marcus begins his presentations with great news about your alienated inheritance. He then makes some unbelievable statements that will shock you and foreshadows things to come in the Unraveled presentation with two analogies. He continues with a caution on learning and what you may experience when long held beliefs are challenged. He explains the problem in solving a problem using your mind, when the problem is in your mind.

Confusion of Being: 3 of 9

Being: Marcus tells you his story. He tells you what woke him up and led to his unusual quest. Again he tells you some confusing and unexplainable things about your being. He explains what it means to own property and to not own property. He tells you what the two concepts are that required further investigation.

“Confusion of Voice”: 4 of 9

Words: Marcus talks about “Words”, the first concept that led to his discoveries. He shows you the power of words and how you can find hidden things through words. You will begin to see the power of words and how they are used to control you and make you believe the unbelievable. He explains how words will make you see things, but also how words can be used to deceive you.

“Confusion of Face”: 5 of 9

Person: Marcus looks at one of the most common words used today by everyone, yet no one knows what it means. Neither philosophy or the law can explain it. Marcus gives you one half of the elusive concept. The other half is shown in the Unraveled presentation. Marcus insists that your fate hangs upon grasping this one concept.

“Confusion of Law”: 6 of 9

Law: Marcus explains the basic concept of law and government as you are presumed to know it. If you are one of the many groups who are just fed up with everything or are demanding changes, he explains why your protests are futile. He explains why the law as you know it, does pertain to you, and breaking it will only make you the proximate cause of your own injury. He explains who the government really is, the source of all your problems. It is not wise to let your conscience be your guide when you are asleep. The program ends with a clear example to prove you own no property and more details on how the swindle works.

“Confusion of Things”: 7 of 9

Things: Marcus shows you three components of the swindle which require your ignorance, but also your co-operation. Attorney, Licence and Name. He breaks down the meaning of what an attorney really is, and how you lose everything by turning away from who you are. He shows you what a licence is and why we use them. And he shows you the misfortune that awaits you when you have a “confusion of being” and act in the wrong name. Exposing these forgeries will help you grasp and see the life you have been leading as they are exposed in the Unraveled Programs.

“Confusion of Money”: 8 of 9

Money: Marcus shows you how the blatant lie of owning property leads to your “Confusion of Money”. He explains that the “love of money as the root of all evil” was dictated upon the premise of owning property. He shows you the two sides of money and why your flip of the money will always bring you up “tails”. And he explains how your continued efforts to make the corruptible lawful only increases your penalty and suffering needlessly. There is a better life than your civil life, and that is your real life.

“Confusion of God”: 9 of 9

God: Marcus looks at the concept of God as found in constitutional and other legal documents. This is the second concept that led to his discoveries. He shows you the contradictions which the greatest legal minds cannot or will not explain. Marcus shows you God in government buildings, in churches, on money, in courts. God seems to be everywhere but in the law.

To watch the Unraveled Programs series, visit this page.


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  1. LocalHero says:

    Unfortunately, as much as I admire “Marcus” (not his real name), he has been arrested and charged again so something he did or didn’t do isn’t working.