Secrets of the Financial System, How to Become Debt Free, Introduction to Natural Law – Seminar

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LSOT First SeminarIn my first seminar titled Secrets of the Financial System, How to Become Debt Free, Introduction to Natural Law, I described in great details about how banks steal our money behind our backs, the secret organization behind the financial fraud that is destroying the economy, and the solutions for freeing us from debt slavery. At the end of the seminar, I did a quick introduction about Natural Law and why learning how to live in harmony with Natural Law is essential for our survival and freedom.

The information in my seminar is extremely important for teaching us how to prevent another economic disaster like the 2008 economic crisis. The same groups of people who were responsible for engineering the Great Depression in the 1930s are planning to create another great depression, which is why the Western economy is a mess.

To download and view the full presentation of my seminar, visit this page.

In my seminar you will learn about:

  • How the current central banking system creates “money” out of thin air
  • The difference between currency and money
  • Why the current banking system is a debt-based monetary system
  • What the Federal Reserve is and how this central bank is responsible for destroying the economy
  • The families who own most of the stocks of the federal reserve
  • Why the value of a currency is dependent on the people and not the banks
  • How local banks steal your money by lending you your own money
  • Why all bank loan agreements are fraudulent
  • How banks make profit every time a borrower defaults on his or her loan
  • How banks make money from your birth certificate and how it is used to enslave you
  • Some of the top methods that the Banksters and their banks used to steal your money
  • Secret societies and their symbols and how they control the financial system
  • How to become debt free and stop debt collectors from harassing and suing you
  • Why all bank debts are prepaid and fraudulent
  • The solutions for stopping the International Banksters

To download and view the full presentation of my seminar, visit this page.

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  1. Miala Blsck says:

    If this money belongs to us whatever the amount we borrow, where did we get it from? How is it our own money we are borrowing, this i do not understand. ?
    Interesting articles though!

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