Secrets Behind the Human Genome Project

Authored or posted by | November 24, 2015
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Human Genome ProjectIn this video interview, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot interviews Cynthia Marie Brewer about the hidden agendas behind the human genome project. The video was published in July 2011, so it is a few years old. However, it still has some very important information to help you understand the Earth Drama a little deeper. In the interview, Cynthia made some pretty extraordinary claims. I do not know if all her claims are true, because I do not have the tools to help me verify all of her claims. As always, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to help you discern the following video.

Here is an introduction about the video from YouTube:

Cynthia Marie Brewer claims her DNA was taken and used as the original fully sequenced DNA for the Human Genome Project against her will. From there on her story, if she is to be believed, has tentacles in nearly every aspect of human endeavor on the planet. Ultimately the trail leads to the purpose behind the Illuminati obsession with bloodlines and the emphasis they have on blending what is called in occult circles “the red” with “the black”.

This involves the “red” being blue-eyed redheads who descend from the Neanderthal… and have a tendency to be non-violent and more empathetic as well has having a proclivity for telepathy (see Graham Hancock’s recent book “Entangled” for more on this)… What are called “blacks” in occult circles — are the blond haired, or other hair color, with blue/green eyes of Celtic descendants from the Anunnaki bloodline, who tend to be more aggressive, highly intelligent, ruler of people also with psychic sensitivity.. (also known as the Illuminati bloodline).

From there on it gets wildly convoluted. Listen to this preliminary investigation into the secrets regarding the sequencing of human DNA and to where it may lead….

The Definition according to Wikipedia:

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying and mapping the approximately 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. — Wikipedia

Additional note: Some of you may remember when Benjamin Fulford went into the hospital for a spinal operation. What they discovered at the base of his spine sounds like a very similar kind of ‘creature’ or chimera (see article re Benjamin Fulford’s “creature”) to the one that Cynthia Brewer refers to in this audio interview. Once they removed it, Benjamin asked to have the photos of it. All evidence of it disappeared from the hospital. Considering Benjamin is also from an Illuminati bloodline this follows along with the same idea as mentioned here. That is, that these implanted organisms take on the genetics of the host and then are removed and used in genetic experiments and possibly future cloning procedures.

Project Camelot: Secrets Behind the Human Genome Project

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