The Secret Word That Has the Power to Make You a King

Authored or posted by | November 8, 2019
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By Pao Chang, author of and

One of the most important secrets on Earth is the secret that words have the power to manifest thoughts into reality and define things into existence. Until you innerstand this on a very deep level, you will lack the knowledge and the wisdom to become a king or a sovereign. This empowering video is dedicated to the men and women who have the spiritual eyes to see and the spiritual ears to hear. May the knowledge in this video guide you to remember who you truly are, so that you can claim your dominion and become the king of your kingdom of God.

In this fascinating video, I am going to take you a magical journey to explore a very sacred word. This word is commonly used by people on a regular basis. However, most people have failed to see the spiritual power hidden in this sacred word. To find its spiritual power, I am going to use the art of word magic and the knowledge of the Bible to decipher it, giving you the knowledge to break its spell and see its spiritual power. Are you ready to remember who you really are and become a king? If your answer is “yes”, click on the play button now so we can begin our magical journey.

To learn more about the power of words, visit my website and read the “second” edition of my book Word Magic.

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