Scientific Evidence: We Live in the Matrix, a Virtual Reality

Authored or posted by | July 27, 2016
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Picture of Holographic Universe and Matrix Codes

On September 2, 2015, I wrote and published an article titled Theoretical Physicist Finds “Computer Code” in the Fabric of Space. In that article, I said that more physicists are finding strong evidence that the Universe is a giant hologram made of “computer codes”. One thing I did not mention in that article is that there are two main types of codes that make up Earth’s reality, which are the natural codes and the artificial codes.

The natural codes are part of nature. They are made of “frozen” light and therefore they look somewhat like crystals. As for the artificial codes, they are made of letters and numbers and have quantum properties like qubits (quantum bits). A quantum bit is defined as “the fundamental unit of information in a quantum computer, capable of existing in two states, 0 or 1, simultaneously or at a different time.”

The artificial codes are part of the Matrix, a computer generated reality created to imprison our bodies, minds and souls. One of the Dark Forces’ most powerful systems for preventing us from freeing our bodies, minds and souls from the Matrix is the legal system, which is a system that deals with artificial persons and operates in the land of the DEAD. In other words, the legal system operates in an artificial reality, just like the Matrix.

Here is an excerpt from my article titled Theoretical Physicist Finds “Computer Code” in the Fabric of Space that talks about how reality works at the fundamental level:

The core structures of reality work similar to how a computer works. A computer communicates and operates through the use of binary codes, which are codes that consist of ones (on) and zeros (off). Binary codes are very simple but with the right combinations they can help computers create magnificent things.

For example, when we paint a picture using a computer software, the core state of the colors and shapes in the picture are basically made of ones and zeros. We do not see our picture as ones and zeros, because the central processing unit (CPU) and its counterparts process the binary codes as colors and shapes. The greatest thing about binary codes is that there are no limits to their combinations. …

The simple process of using binary codes to create things within the hardware of computers is very similar to how Creation creates our external reality or material world. The material world works very similar to a virtual reality. At its core, the material world is made of only light (energy) that flashes on and off to create energy codes.

Here is the video from the same article that talks about “computer codes” in the fabric of space:

Theoretical Physicist Finds Computer Code in String Theory

After reading this article and watching the two videos, I encourage you to study the information in my sixth seminar titled The Matrix Decoded: Decoding the Occult Messages in The Matrix (free PDF). This seminar goes into great details about the Matrix and teaches you certain methods to free your mind from the artificial womb and prison known as the Matrix. This artificial reality is used by the Dark Forces to prevent us from fully interacting with the natural reality of Earth.

Your Reality May Be Virtual If…

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