Is the Roman Catholic Church About to Be Replaced by a New Spiritual Regime?

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According to, On February 25, 2013, the Roman Catholic Church and its highest officials were lawfully convicted of engaging in crimes against humanity and an international criminal conspiracy to aid and abet child trafficking and genocide. Since then, there has been a worldwide movement towards nullifying laws of the Roman Catholic Church.

Religious organizations, such as the Roman Catholic Church, are not as holy as most people think. There are a lot of dark secrets within these religious organizations. Many of these organizations are responsible for engineering many of the wars between nations and supporting child trafficking. You do not have to look far to find evidence of these things. These crimes associated with religious institutions are the reason why there is a worldwide movement to prevent religious institutions from committing crimes against humanity.

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In Ireland, Canada and America, catholic clergy have already announced their plan to disaffiliate from Rome and establish their own national, congregationally-based churches, according to Not in Our Name (NON), a Dublin based group. A similar movement has begun in the American mid-west in a Common Law Congregational Movement, which seeks to base Christian churches on Common Law rather than be tied to the state or admiralty and canon law.

The unwanted truth is that all of the major modern religions and most of the smaller modern religions have been infiltrated by secret societies and secret organizations, including but not limited to the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Vatican and the Zionists. To be more accurate, these secretive groups have infiltrated religion since the time of Jesheua (Jesus) and beyond. Their names may have changed from generation to generation, but they are the same groups of people with similar ideologies. If you want evidence of this, read one of my most controversial articles titled How the Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics, Technology and Education to Enslave Our Souls.

Below are two short videos that talk about a new spiritual movement that may nullify the laws of the Roman Catholic Church and other similar religious institutions. The host in this video is Kevin Annett. I do not agree with everything that Mr. Annett publishes, but I do agree with many of his methods of how to make religious institutions responsible for committing crimes against humanity.

Update (December 27, 2014): A note from the author

I recently heard that Kevin Annett could be a disinfomation agent of the Jesuits. I don’t have proof of this claim, so I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is. However, one of his website ( published an article threatening Alfred Webre and anyone who circulates this video of Alfred Webre interviewing Alex Hunter and Wa7tsek. This attack against Alfred Webre tells me that Kevin Annett may have a dark hidden agenda.

I advise that you use your intuition to help you discern Kevin Annett’s and Alfred Webre’s information and listen to both sides of their story before deciding which person is guilty of spreading false information. For Alfred Webre’s side of the story, watch this video. For Kevin Annett’s side of the story, listen to this interview.

The conflict between Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett still doesn’t change the fact that the Vatican and its churches have committed crimes against humanity.

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