Quantum Computing Technology: How It Can Change the World into a Better Place or Destroy It

Authored or posted by | August 15, 2013
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Quantum computing is a very advanced computing system that uses quantum bits (qubits) instead of the traditional binary bits to communicate and for programming software. Unlike binary bits, qubits can exist in a state of 0 and 1 simultaneously. This feature allows quantum computing machines to process information millions of times faster than traditional computing machines.

The unique features of quantum computing allow scientists to create advanced robots that have the potential to “think,” which is known as artificial intelligence (AI). If used peacefully, this technology will transform the world into a better place. For example, it can be used to help people live longer by diagnosing diseases before they become life-threatening. The power of quantum computing machines will help scientists find cures for diseases a lot faster than tradition computing technology.

As described at PopSci.com.

Quantum processors have quantum bits instead of the usual binary bits that traditional processors have. You know normal bits store information by taking on one of two states, often named “0” and “1.” Quantum bits, also called qubits, have another capability. They are able to take on both the 0 and 1 states at the same time. This and other properties of quantum states allow quantum computers to perform certain calculations much faster than traditional ones. Quantum processors are generally put to work on optimization problems, such as finding the lowest-energy shape for a protein.

The excerpt is written by Dipak Chatterjee. It does a great job explaining the power of quantum bits (qubits).

The Qubit concept deals with very small particles (subatomic particles). It has been proven that a subatomic particle can have different states simultaneously because the particles are never static. This is evident because they move very fast, close to the speed of light. So, a particle state of the particle (Qubit) looks different to different observers and the particle has several states simultaneously. That is why one subatomic particle can have different states and probabilities, at the same time. We can use it to replace bits and get better performance: Much better performance! And then, when you combine Qubits, that combination holds an exponentially larger amount of information than bits. Subatomic logic is much more powerful than binary logic used in normal computing.

As a result, you can process complicated information faster. Its main applications are encryption, decryption, modeling, databases, voice recognition, structure recognition, simulation and artificial intelligence, plus many others yet non-existent applications.

In short, quantum computing uses the science of quantum mechanics to process information beyond 3-dimensional space. In other words, it works similar to the human brain. A quantum computing machine, such as a quantum computer, is so powerful that it can solve certain problems in seconds that would otherwise take a traditional computer millions of years to solve.

Explaining Quantum Computing

The dark side of quantum computing technology

Quantum computing technology has the potential to dramatically reduce poverty and change the world into a better place. However, in the wrong hands, it has the potential to destroy the human race and the world.

With the right technology and knowledge, scientists can create quantum processors that can “think.” If scientists install these processors in robots, they can create machines that have very sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). Robots that can “think” for themselves also have the potential to become aware. However, they do not have emotions and self-awareness like us. The problem with these type of advanced robots is that they can turn against their creators, just like in the popular movie the Terminator. In addition, this technology can be used to crack computer security codes.

As mentioned at NaturalNews.com.

If you know anything about encryption, you probably also realize that quantum computers are the secret KEY to unlocking all encrypted files. As I wrote about last year here on Natural News, once quantum computers go into widespread use by the NSA, the CIA, Google, etc., there will be no more secrets kept from the government. All your files — even encrypted files — will be easily opened and read.

Until now, most people believed this day was far away. Quantum computing is an “impractical pipe dream,” we’ve been told by scowling scientists and “flat Earth” computer engineers. “It’s not possible to build a 512-qubit quantum computer that actually works,” they insisted.

Don’t tell that to Eric Ladizinsky, co-founder and chief scientist of a company called D-Wave. Because Ladizinsky’s team has already built a 512-qubit quantum computer. And they’re already selling them to wealthy corporations, too.

Quantum computing technology is a lot more advanced than what they are telling us

Certain secretive branch of government agencies, such as the CIA, NSA and the secret space program of NASA have been experimenting and using quantum computing technology for decades. Some of their technologies are fully automated and controlled by highly advanced AI, including their secret satellites that are orbiting Earth. A lot of new electronic devices (computers, smart phones and high-definition TVs), popular search engines and certain social network sites (e.g. Facebook) are also using some form of AI system.

If you want to know more about how certain government agencies are using quantum computing technology to create AI systems that could affect our world in a negative way, I recommend watching the video below. As always, use your intuition to help you discern the information in the following video in case it contains misleading information.

Project Camelot: Jay Weidner & Anthony Sanchez – Skynet & Nanotechnology


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