Psychic Vampires and How to Protect Yourself from Them

Authored or posted by | March 9, 2016
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Picture of Psychic Vampire and WolfBy Gregg Prescott, M.S., editor of

Author and esoteric researcher Michael Tsarion talks about psychic vampires. Tsarion believes the medical community is way behind in their acknowledgment in this area.

Tsarion stated, “Vampirism isn’t simply the old cliché of being sucked of energy. This is what all of the other teachers and all of the books are saying. This is only about 50% of the problem and in a way, doesn’t even constitute the main type of attack. One of the most dangerous aspects of the attack is to actually be dumped on by the other person.”

According to Tsarion, you need to understand:

  1. bioenergy and how it works
  2. cording and the exchanging of energies along with how each person plays a role

Tsarion added that the vampiristic kind of person has the greatest success from people

  1. who suffer enormous trauma and enormous loss throughout their lives
  2. whose consciousness has been traumatized
  3. who have been beaten up a lot
  4. who have had a lot of difficulty in life
  5. who have been underdogs
  6. who have been outsiders
  7. who need a lot of warmth and affection

Energy vampires tend to stay away from:

  1. people who are stronger
  2. people who are centered
  3. people who have lived a better life

Michael Tsarion – MTSAR Conspiratorium – Short Ep. 1.1 – Psychic Vampires

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