The Power of Words and Magic

Authored or posted by | August 18, 2015
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Magic( Words are actually “whirr’eds” which means that they are spun! To “whirl” around, is to turn and turn and turn, which is why we all live together on a “whirled” (world), which “spins” on an axis as it turns.

The “whirled” (world) we all live on is completely covered by a very large Magnetic Field — MAG-net-IC Field – MAGIC “FEELED” which tells us all about our interpersonal relationship to our “whirled” (world).

[It is ONLY when we “feel” that we truly comprehend what the “field” is telling us!  When someone asks “how do you feel?  They are asking you to interpret the “magical field” (feeled) around you!]

When we speak “whirr’eds” (words) — we actually spin or cast our thoughts and thus vibrations into the larger “whirled” (world) which has a magnetic field all around it.

When these “whirr’eds” (words) are spun or cast out from you they have to CHANGE the “whirl’ed” (world) we live on, because they ALSO have been “whirrl’ed” or spun by YOU in such a way that they too have their own magnetic fields – MAG-net-IC  –  magic fields – magic feeleds!

Thus it can be said they now have been either positively or negatively “charged” depending upon how you “feeled” when you spun those words.

This is why our MAG-net-IC-ally “charged” “whirr’eds” or (MAGIC WORDS) can — and do — have an effect upon the whole, or the larger MAGNETIC FIELDS that surround the Earth.

Science tells us that one magnet will always have an affect upon another magnet! Even those of us who went to school saw that placing the same pole of two magnets very close to each other forced the magnets to spin or to “turn” in relationship to one another.

So when the magnetized “whirr’ed” (words) that you put out into the ethers…, which already have spin, come into contact with other magnetic fields, they HAVE TO CREATE changes in both the spin and direction of other magnetized “whirr’eds” (words) as well as the much larger magnetized “whirled” (world) that we all live on.

Thus is can be said that: WORD CREATES CHANGE!

And this is really how simple it all is!


Whirr’eds are MAG-net-IC! And those who are the great Scholars and the great Adepts in history already KNOW this. It is only the average guy and gal who does not know this.

As YODA taught us…., – You must unlearn what you have learned –

When you place your thoughts and your INTENTION into a whirred (word) and cast it out as a spelling, you are using the greatest magical (magnetical) powers that our whirl’d (world) has to offer us.


Which is why they try to cheat, by buying up all of the MEDIA and all of the NEWS OUTLETS of the world (whirl’d), so that they can “CONTROL” all of the “whirr’eds” (words) that are being spun.

Some news shows even claim to be all about the “spin”,  whereas other news programs say, “the spin stops here”.

So, while some try to limit the spin…,  others may try to increase the spin, but the point here is that no matter what, the very whirr’eds they are using and sending out…,  are still being SPUN!


Adding your OWN WHIRR’EDS (words) to any situation, no matter how bleak the situation may seem,  has the power to change it all, because as we’ve already said – words are magic! (whirr’eds are magnetic).

And one magnet always HAS TO HAVE AN AFFECT on another magnet.

Scientifically speaking this has already been PROVEN!

I humbly ask you to think on these things…


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