The Planetary Shift and Healing Process of Planetary Star Gate 12

Authored or posted by | September 9, 2013
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( The 6th dimensional frequency band is the Seat of your Soul level of consciousness and a Bridge to your Over Soul and Christos level of consciousness. It can be much easier for those who desire to make an open communication line to their higher family of consciousness to do so from the 6th dimensional frequency band by expanding your focus of attention for communication from your Soul seat.

Your Christos level of consciousness is “seated” at the 12th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with the frequency bands of 10 and 11. Your Over Soul level consciousness is “seated” at the 9th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with the frequency bands of the 8and 7. Your Soul level of consciousness is “seated” at the 6th dimensional frequency band and is viewing / interacting with frequency bands 5 and 4. You are experiencing the Earth reality field as your Incarnate level of consciousness, “seated” at the 3rd dimensional frequency band and viewing / interacting with frequency bands 1 and 2.

As continued planetary shifts into higher sub-frequencies of Source energy occur, each shift will allow more people to open communication with their Vertical Family of Consciousness and the ability to receive their personal guidance much clearer.

The current challenges that exist in the 2nd dimensional frequency band create blockages in the communication lines between the life forms of planet Earth and their personal Vertical family of consciousness. Many people on Earth have the phone open on their end and the phone is eternally open on the other end of the communication line but the 2nd dimensional challenges have scrambled the “wires” between the 2 phones.

Each planetary shift into higher sub-harmonics of energy allows more “wires” to be connected but these wires are actually the receivers or chakras that hold a connection point within the physical / energetic body form. Each person interacts with and receives energy unique unto their personal expression of Source so it cannot be stated in black and white that all must experience, communicate and receive energy in the exact same way.

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