The Pharmacratic Inquisition: A Thought Provoking Film Exploring the Esoteric Knowledge of Christianity

Authored or posted by | January 25, 2016
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Christian CrossThe Pharmacratic Inquisition is a thought provoking film from Gnostic Media that makes the argument that the story of Jesus and certain Christian beliefs are related to astrology and shamanism. This film does not explore certain aspects of Jesus and Christmas as deep as my article titled Why Christmas is a Holiday Full of Satanic and Occult Symbolism, but it does contain very important information about Christianity.

The Santa section in the video titled The Pharmacratic Inquisition has information that seems to contradict the information in my article about why Christmas is a satanic holiday. However, there is more than one way to tell a story, so keep that in mind when watching the video.

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The Pharmacratic Inquisition is a provocative film from Gnostic Media that makes the argument that virtually all of the mythology, symbolism, and story of Jesus and related Christian traditions relate to two basic subjects: astrology and shamanism. For those unfamiliar with the evidence in support of this claim, this film can be truly eye opening and revolutionary.

Much of the material for this film rests upon the work of John Allegro. Allegro was one of the original scholars chosen to translate the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Christian texts that were discovered in Qumram near the Dead Sea in the middle of the 20th century. Unlike his colleagues, Allegro was not beholden to the Catholic Church and therefore was able to develop his theories and interpretations free from Catholic dogma. The result was the radical claim that Jesus was a psychoactive mushroom. In particular, Allegro argued that the mythology and symbolism surrounding the Christ figure all point to Amanita muscaria mushrooms, the iconic red and white mushroom so common in Christmas symbolism and imagery.

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

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