People of Bunkerville, NV Successfully Resisted Federal Tyranny

Authored or posted by | April 11, 2014
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Bunkerville Ranchers Resist Tyranny

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Many of the people of the United States of America are really starting to wake up to the fact that their government has been taken over by malicious organizations that have a strong connection to the New Word Order (NWO). If the American people could come together and support each other like the people in Bunkerville, Nevada, we should be able to restore the current United States, which is a corporation, back to its original status, which is the Republic for the United States of America.

Most of us don’t realize that the “United States” isn’t a country like the “United States of America.” In law terms, these two phrases are different. The phrase “United States” refers to a corporation and the phrase “United States of America” represents the country known as the Republic for the United States of America. Another thing you should know is that when the phrase “United States” or “United States of America” is written in all caps, in law, it is referring to a corporation.

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote that explains why the original USA is a republic and not a democracy.

What is the United States?

Most Americans and foreigners believe that the United States is a country. In law terms, the phrase “United States” refers to a corporation. The original name of this country is called the United States of America. By taking out the phrase “of America,” they have tricked most of us to believe that United States is the same as United States of America. Another important thing you should know is that the original USA is a republic, not a democracy.

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The word “democracy” doesn’t appear in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, the two most basic of our founding documents. However, Article IV, Section 4, guarantees “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” It’s also noteworthy that our pledge of allegiance doesn’t say, “the democracy for which it stands,” but rather says, “the republic for which it stands”. Nor do we sing “The Battle Hymn of the Democracy,” but rather, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

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