The Old Paradigm is Collapsing: Will Humanity Take Responsibility and Reclaim Its Birthrights?

Authored or posted by | Updated on | Published on July 7, 2013
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Glass Pyramid

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Responsibility is something humanity has a hard time of doing because we have been conditioned to rely on our authorities for answers. As a result, our lives are heavily controlled by authorities, such as religious leaders, law officers, and politicians. By relying on our authorities to teach us how to think and behave, we have lost a lot of our independence and critical thinking skills. Depending on our authorities too much can weaken our spiritual powers and put us in a state of victim consciousness. As long as we are stuck in this state of victim consciousness, we can never be free.

One of the main reasons why humanity has suffered for so long is because we do not want to take responsibility for our education, beliefs, and future. Instead, we allow our authorities to educate us on how to think, behave, and what to believe. True freedom can only be achieved when we become more responsible and stop allowing authorities to make important personal decisions for us.

If our authorities were responsible people, allowing them to represent our voices would not be such a bad idea. Unfortunately, our authorities are just as irresponsible as we are, and in many cases, they are even more irresponsible. This is why our authorities have allowed banksters to steal our money in the sums of trillions of dollars. The world’s economy is a mess, because we did not make our politicians responsible for allowing banksters to gamble with the world’s financial system.

The Universe that we live in has polarity. As a result, there will always be positive and negative entities. One of the reality fields that has a very strong polarity is the Milky Way. Because of this, we need to be even more responsible citizens. Polarity is not necessarily a bad thing, because it allows us to experience things that give us the illusion of separation from each other and Creation. Polarity also allows for positive and negative experiences; therefore, it makes life more interesting.

The people who like to take high authority positions are usually those who crave for power, and a great portion of them think similar to psychopaths. Being in an authority position allows them to control us, which fulfills their desires for power. Not all people in high position of power think like psychopaths but a lot of them do, which is why they care more about money in their pockets than our freedom, and why they are warmongers. By allowing these power addicts to control and rule over us, we create the right situations for them to exploit our consciousness and destroy our liberty.

Who controls the old paradigm?

The old paradigm is controlled by the New World Order (NWO). The NWO is currently going through major changes that could result in the destruction of its empire; therefore, many conspiracy truth seekers are starting to refer to it as the old world order (OWO). I prefer to call the leaders of the NWO as the Controllers.

The NWO is a controlling system run by wealthy globalists who have this bizarre idea of creating a fascist one world government to control the world. For centuries, they have been working very hard from behind the scene to infiltrate countries from within and take control of their financial, religious, educational, and political systems. Unfortunately for us, the NWO has achieved many of its goals, which is why most Western countries and a large portion of Eastern countries are controlled by wealthy families of the NWO.

Many families of the NWO believe humanity is not responsible enough; therefore, if we are given too much freedom, we will eventually destroy the planet. The truth is that they are the ones who are destroying the planet, because they are financing companies that are causing harm to nature. The proof that they have done a bad job of taking care of the planet is the negative state of its biosphere. In addition, they are engineering wars between nations and groups to spread hatred, fear, tyranny, and control. The latest war on terror was engineered by them to take control of the Middle East.

Many of the most influential people in the NWO are part of secret societies. Some of the most powerful secret societies are the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons, Zionists, and the Vatican. Some wealthy families that have strong ties to these secret societies are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, Warburgs, and Bushes. These five families are masters when it comes to finance and control. Out of these five families, the Rothschilds are the best when it comes to building wealth and using the financial system to control the world. They have done such a great job that they have manipulated the US government to force its citizens to pay income tax to them. The Rothschild family is so rich that some researchers believe its assets are worth trillions of dollars.

As for secret societies, the most powerful is the Illuminati. Of all the secret societies on Earth, the Illuminati has been the most successful at controlling the world. The Illuminati and many other secret societies like to recruit people who have strong public influences, including but not limited to politicians, high level bankers, military officers, celebrities, CEOs, and even presidents of countries. If you have a hard time believing that secret societies exist, watch the videos below and they may change your mind.

Rick Ross/CNN PROOF Freemason’s/the Illuminati Control the World

People of the Illuminati are masters of manipulation, control, and deception. A lot of them are also great businessmen and bankers. Many of the high level bankers throughout the world are representatives of the Illuminati. The great seal on the back of the one dollar bill, also known as the pyramid with the “all seeing eye,” is evidence that they are in control of the Western financial system and also a large portion of the Eastern financial system. However, their controlling empire is coming to an end, because they have been violating the Laws of the Universe for far too long. I will explain the consequences of violating the Laws of the Universe in the next section.

Dollar Bill All Seeing Eye

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The four secret societies that I mentioned earlier represent Western secret societies. The Eastern part of the world also has its own secret societies. One of them is the White Dragon Society. Eastern secret societies have also played their role in enslaving humanity. However, for decades, they realized their mistake of trusting and funding Western secret societies.

During WWI and WWII, leaders of Eastern secret societies made the mistake of giving a lot of their gold and treasures to the West, especially the US, because they were manipulated into believing that the West will protect their treasures and use their technologies and militaries to bring peace to the world. Instead of using the funds to help third world countries build their economies to first world status, Western secret societies exploited the funds by buying off world leaders and used these leaders as puppets to help them establish a fascist one world government to rule the world.

Once Eastern secret societies realized they had been betrayed, they knew they must get control of the world’s financial system or face being taken over by Western secret societies. As a result, most Eastern secret societies are now working very hard to stop the NWO’s dark agendas. This is history that was deliberately hidden from us for two reasons: control and enslavement of humanity.

Not all people in secret societies support the NWO’s dark agendas

Many researchers of secret societies have the tendency to say that all people in secret societies are “bad.” This speculation is far from the truth. There are a lot of good people in these secretive organizations who got involved because they were manipulated into joining them. Like all societies that exist in a polarized reality field, such as the Milky Way, there will always be people with good and bad intentions.

The good people in secret societies usually cannot leave their secretive organizations, because they have sworn an oath. If they try to leave, it could cost their lives. Fortunately, certain events have caused a power shift that is allowing the good people in Western secret societies to take actions to help free humanity. The real reason why the world’s financial system is at the verge of collapsing is because of power struggles between secret societies to take control of the new financial system.

Secret societies have caused a lot of harm to the human race. However, we, the people of Earth, are not innocent either, because we have supported their destructive systems. If we did not support their systems of control, such as their oil, financial, and religious empires, they would have never gotten so powerful. They are only powerful because we choose to ignore them, and we allow them to manipulate us into believing that we are weak and need to rely on them to survive. In other words, they have conditioned us into accepting that we are slaves. For more detailed information on the NWO and its history, I highly recommend visiting this site or reading my earlier article titled How the Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics, and Education to Enslave Our Souls.

The consequences of violating the Laws of the Universe

The Laws of the Universe work similar to the computer codes behind a virtual reality except that they cannot be broken. These unbreakable laws were set in place by Creation (God) to bring order and balance to all systems of the Universe. They also define boundaries and set certain restrictions to all living things until they evolve enough to ascend to higher reality planes or higher dimensions. Each reality plane and dimension has its own restrictions. The purpose of setting certain restrictions is to prevent sentient beings from destroying themselves or the Universe through wars. Giving a sentient being god-like abilities, without teaching it how to use them responsibly, is like giving a baby fire to play with.

When a sentient being violates the Laws of the Universe, it creates karma within its energy template. At its core, karma is the distortion of interrelationships of energy within the Divine Order that creates our reality. In simpler terms, karma can be viewed as incoherent or chaotic, and Divine Order can be viewed as coherent and organize. Karma is not something that can easily be cleared. When we make actions that violate the Laws of the Universe, we create karmas to teach us lessons so we can learn from our mistakes. As many of the wise spiritual teachers said in the past, “you reap what you sow.” In spiritual terms, Creation (God) does not punish us; we punish ourselves because of our negative free will choices.

The Controllers and their empires are collapsing because they have created too many bad karmas. Those karmas have been manifesting to teach them lessons. Because of this, they are losing many support and their dark agendas are being exposed to all nations. Many of the leaders of the NWO think they can get away by violating the Laws of the Universe. What they need to understand is that these divine laws are inescapable. The people who think they are above the Laws of the Universe should take this power shift as a lesson. Either learn to live in harmony with the Laws of the Universe or face the destruction of your soul identity.

Three main reasons why the NWO is collapsing:

  1. Mass awakening: Within the past 12 months, people are waking in such large numbers that it is causing a major shift in the collective human consciousness. This awakening is increasing our awareness and allowing us to see who is responsible for destroying our future and planet. The only way the NWO can achieve its dark agendas is to do them in secrecy. This is why it is important that we educate others about these topics, so we can increase their awareness. Once enough people wake up, the right people in the appropriate situations will take the necessary actions to stop the NWO from destroying our lives and future.
  2. The collateral global account: The collateral global account was created nearly a century ago with the backing of real assets from many countries of the world, especially the gold-rich Asian countries, to end world poverty. Unfortunately, for the past 60 plus years, the account has been hijacked by the leaders of the NWO, and they have been illegally using it to control the world. To control a society that relies heavily on money, all you need to do is take control of its monetary system, and you have the magic formula to enslave it and become its ruler. With unlimited fiat money, you can buy off its leaders and use them as puppets to help you achieve whatever you want. This is what the NWO has been doing to many countries of the world for more than 50 years. For more information on the collateral global account and how the NWO is using it to control the world, please visit this site. Unfortunately for the NWO, too many true patriots are awake and aware of what it has been doing. For many years, the true patriots of the world have been trying to bring the collateral global account back into the hands of leaders who truly care about the future of humanity. Within the past few years, they have succeeded in many fronts, but it is not over until the NWO’s empire is dismantled. The power struggle between the NWO and the patriots will cause a lot of chaos in the financial system. Because of this, it would be wise for you to stock up on at least a few weeks of food and invest in some precious metals. If you think 2012 was full of surprising changes, you have seen nothing yet. I recommend downloading my free financial ebook to help you prepare for the great changes that are coming.
  3. The loss of trust in authorities: The mass awakening is helping us to see that our authorities are not what they seem to be. One of the latest events that is causing us to lose trust in our authorities is the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger). According to, the real reason why Pope Benedict XVI and other church officials are resigning is because they have been found guilty for committing crimes against humanity, including but not limited to genocide and child trafficking. Pope Francis who just became the new pope is not much different than Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis has played a major role in covering up crimes committed by the Roman Catholic Church. Some people are saying that Pope Francis is going to help cleanse the Roman Catholic Church of satanists. Until this actually happens, do not put too much faith on this new pope. The religious leaders who think they are chosen by Creation to spread Its messages are some of the most cold-hearted people in the world. These people are nowhere close to being holy. They are the ones who created modern religion by combining their ideas with certain teachings of ancient civilizations to create their so-called “holy books.” They then used their “holy books” to spread their disempowering teachings throughout the world to enslave us. Other events that are causing us to lose trust in authorities are the endless bailouts of banks and failed promises of politicians. Fortunately, the light forces are overpowering the dark forces on our planet, causing the NWO to lose a lot of its controlling power. Once the NWO collapses and its leaders are removed from power, we can start trusting our authorities again.

The birthrights of humanity: Free will, liberty and guardians of its home planet

The human race was created with the unalienable right to think freely and to be guardians of its home planet. Unfortunately, the NWO and its minions have destroyed many of our rights and infringed our free will. They did this by secretly rewriting our history books and setting up a controlling system to enslave us.

By successfully implementing a controlling system to enslave us, the NWO was able to control our thoughts to a certain degree and influence how we think. It has done such a great job manipulating our thoughts that most of us believe we are weak and powerless. To regain our powers and become guardians of our home planet again, we need to learn how to become more responsible citizens. Some of the ways to achieve this are to rely less on big governments, build stronger local communities, and be more active in making our authorities responsible for destroying our freedom and liberty.

One of the organizations that is taking some of the first steps to bring power back to the people is the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. This organization is built based on the idea that we the people have the power to bring authorities of church and state to justice when they commit crimes. Bringing power back to the people is what we need to reclaim our birthrights. By doing this, it empowers us and teaches us to become more responsible citizens.

The best time to take back our birthrights is this year (2013), because the NWO is losing a lot of its power to control the world. Will we take responsibility and reclaim our birthrights so that we can become guardians of our planet again? Or will we allow the NWO to regain strength and destroy our birthrights and enslave us? The choices that you make from here on will determine the future of humanity. Please choose wisely.

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