Occult Forces Behind Trump Still Aiming to Continue their Rule

Authored or posted by | November 21, 2016
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Picture of Trump Hugging US Flag

By eClinik Learning, contributor for Geopolitics.co
Via GalacticConnection.com

There are alliances of convenience between occult organizations that rule the planet from behind the scenes, and from time to time these alliances are shattered when those vested interests collide, or when fundamental common ground and contracts are breached for some reason, or another.

Although they participated in it passionately, the Americans, at least the majority of them, are not really responsible for the Trump victory. No, it’s not the Electoral College either.

According to the United States Election Project, there are: 46.9% who didn’t vote, 25.6% voted for Clinton, 25.5% voted for Trump and 1.7% voted for Johnson.


America is not ready for Jill Stein who advocated for student debt bailout, and green jobs to revitalize the American economy. They either voted Trump because they were thinking that Stein was not a winnable candidate, or the rest of them just decided to stay at home out of sheer frustration, 46.9% of them, which made the election results a self-fulfilling prophecy, of course.

Which means that at least 46.9% of the American voters who boycotted the whole exercise may have found it futile, or deflective of the real essence of democracy, considering that there are other candidates who were purposely left out of the mainstream discussions.

If the mainstream media can be controlled, why not the voting system itself?

This massive apathy, which is the direct result of the deliberate suppression of better choices, gives more impetus for the dark forces, who are actively working against each other, to intervene for the ultimate control of America, and the entire Atlantic. Any possible spillover towards Asia is already undermined through the closing of the ranks between ASEAN and China.

A CIA insider retorted,

“… the United States can now be classified as undergoing a coup d’état where Freemasonic forces (for the first time in 188 years) led by American billionaire Donald Trump, and aided by secretive elements within both the Sicilian and American mafia, are presently engaged in a “soon to be deadly” all-out battle against the US Federal Reserve System supported “shadow government” currently ruling that nation, and who on its side is being aided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the La Santa Sede (Vatican/Holy See).”

“…the Freemasonic forces that led President-elect Donald Trump to victory in America this past week has now re-crossed the Atlantic Ocean to re-claim France from the rule of satanic globalist tyranny, too.

… the full totality of the current Freemason “uprising/revolution” against the satanic globalists seeking to enslave the world became more evident to Federation intelligence analysts last year when a secret 200-year-old archive of this mysterious organizations past members from 1733-1923 was released in Britain—and which the SVR and FSB were then able to use to “discover/decipher” who this ancient orders present leaders are.

One of the Freemason’s “top/main” leaders in Britain today, this report continues, is the United Kingdom’s Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage, who is not only a known member of this mysterious organization, but whose powerful and secretive forces led the effort to free the British people from the grip of these satanic globalists in the stunning 23 June 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum defeat known as Brexit.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage (left) in Masonic grip with UKIP MP Doug Carswell (right)

UKIP leader Nigel Farage (left) in Masonic grip with UKIP MP Doug Carswell (right)

[We cannot post the entirety of these reports because they carried with them some false information aimed at distorting the facts that it is the Asian block that has been spearheading the actions against the Satanic Cabal from the very beginning, with the significant cooperation from the Russian-led alliance,  Moscow Conference on International Security (MICS), which continue to host Ed Snowden.]

The Pyramid of Occult Organizations may be jockeying for power, but the entities at the top are more than happy to give them the satisfaction.


But, the 46.9% non-participants of the last US elections could be right. Initial appointments within the Trump Team don’t look promising.

Meet the Neocons, 9/11 Criminals and Goldman Bankers On Team Trump

James Corbett corbettreport.com

The voting machines have decided who will be the next puppet figurehead of the Pax Americana deep state for the next four years. The circus is over and the peanut shells are being swept out of the stands. So what do we have to show for all of it?

Well, I have some good news, some bad news, and some not-so-good news for you. Let’s start with the bad news.

Apparently some people voted for Trump in the belief that he was some sort of anti-establishment truth-telling hero of the working class. I hate to be the one to disabuse you of this notion, so let’s just look at his transition team, his campaign team, the people who have already been tapped to be part of the new administration and the people who are being contacted for potential cabinet appointments. Warning: It’s not a pretty picture.

So who’s leading this transition team that’s helping to sort out the cabinet and move Team Trump into the White House? Oh, just the usual assortment of bankster-connected corporate lobbyists we would expect to be hanging around any president-elect. This time is no exception. From former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Eric Ueland to Koch Industries lobbyist Michael Catanzaro to Aetna / Verizon lobbyist William Palatucci, the gaggle of corporate cronies manning Trump for America Inc. (the actual nonprofit group set up to oversee the transition) are as establishment as they come. And the whole kit-and-kaboodle is being run by Chris Christie. Yes, that Chris Christie.

And who are they reaching out to for potential positions in the Trump White House?

Steven Mnuchin – The chief fundraiser for the Trump campaign was not featured in a lot of alt-right cheerleading for the Trump train, and for good reason: He is a 17-year Goldman Sachs veteran who went on to work for Soros Fund Management. Yes, that Soros. Oh, and he donated to Hillary Clinton. But other than that, I’m sure he’s a great fundraiser. Which is why he is apparently a frontrunner to be Secretary of the Treasury in the Trump White House. That’s right folks, yet another Goldman Sachs vampire squid alumni is within a hair’s breadth of taking over the Treasury, just like Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin before him. But don’t worry, because another person in consideration for the Treasury Secretary position is…

Jamie Dimon – I’m going to assume you know who Jamie Dimon is, but just to make sure everyone is aware, let me spell it out in black and white: Jamie Dimon is chairman, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase, the monstrous banking offspring of JP Morgan & Co. and the Rockefellers’ own Chase Manhattan. Other than Lloyd “God’s work” Blankfein, it would be hard to find a more bankster-y bankster in the world of banksterism. To list Dimon’s entire rap sheet would be an editorial unto itself, but let’s just remind ourselves of his role in the 2008 bailout fiasco via my Federal Reserve documentary, Century of Enslavement:

A stunning 2011 Government Accountability Office report examined $16 trillion of bailout facilities extended by the Fed in the wake of the crisis and exposed numerous examples of blatant conflicts of interest. Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric served as a director on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the same time the Fed provided $16 billion in financing to General Electric. JP Morgan Chase chief executive, Jamie Dimon, meanwhile, was also a member of the board of the New York Fed during the period that saw $391 billion in Fed emergency lending directed to his own bank. In all, Federal Reserve board members were tied to $4 trillion in loans to their own banks. These funds were not simply used to keep these banks afloat, but actually to return these Fed-connected banks to a period of record profits in the same period that the average worker saw their real wages actually decrease and the economy on Main Street slow to a standstill.

If there’s any ray of hope here, it’s that (as I discussed with James Evan Pilato on a recent edition of New World Next Week), Dimon recently said he wouldn’t want to become Treasury Secretary due to “Democrat-Republican bullshit.” As Pearse Redmond points out, the Trump team may be floating Dimon’s name right now to make it seem not so bad when they “only” appoint Goldman/Soros insider Mnuchin to the position,

John Bolton – John Bolton is a career Republican insider who served roles in both Bush White Houses, including most recently as UN Ambassador in 2005-2006. He’s also the worst kind of crazed, bloodthirsty neocon who has literally never heard of a foreign invasion he didn’t lust after. Don’t take my word for it, listen to him explain Trump’s foreign policy imperatives…for as many seconds as you can stomach it. And yes, he’s commenting on Trump’s foreign policy because he has been advising the Trump campaign and has been name-dropped for months as a possible Secretary of State in the Trump cabinet. So are all of those who voted Trump over Hillary because they didn’t like her warmongering suitably upset now? Well if not there’s always his picks for Secretary of Defense, like:

Stephen Hadley – Hadley is the man who, acting as Bush Jr.’s Deputy National Security Advisor, served as the conduit for the ridiculously fake yellow cake uranium forgeries that were used to help drum up the war in Iraq. He was also the guy who kept the bogus yellowcake story in Bush’s October 2002 speech in Cincinnati laying out the case for the illegal bloody war of aggression in Iraq. A share of the million dead Iraqi’s blood is on his hands. And he’s in the running to be Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

Reince Priebus – Nothing says “anti-establishment party outsider” like the current chairman of the Republican National Committee, right? Well, guess what: Reince Priebus is under consideration for Trump’s chief of staff. You know, the highest ranking employee of the White House? Priebus is apparently competing against the likes of Stephen Bannon(Trump campaign C.E.O. and former head of Breitbart News) and Jared Kushner‘s (The Donald’s own son-in-law who the Times of Israel takes great pains to point out is an Orthodox Jew, as is Ivanka Trump). Regardless of who gets the spot, the very fact that Priebus is in the running shows that Trump’s feud with the Republican Party was about as real as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania.

Rudy Giuliani – Rudy Giuliani is an unconvicted 9/11 criminal who illegally cleared the 9/11 crime scene, and who failed to pass on the prior warning that he received about the towers’ destruction. He is also hated by the New York Fire Department for having kicked the firemen off the pile as soon as the gold was discovered. As Associate Attorney General in 1981 he was involved in the PROMIS software octopus. He oversaw New York’s unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policing policy. He is a ghoul in every sense. So naturally the only question is which spot will he fill in the Trump cabinet: Attorney General, DHS chief, cybersecurity czar, or something else entirely?


We believe the best that the Trump administration can do is replace the few unpopular, too greedy crooks with some corporate “moderates,” to give that semblance of reforms that are in their view enough to appease the wishes of the “moderate revolutionaries” who went out to cast their votes, a few days ago.

Just like we have expected, Trump is already rescaling back on his campaign promises right after his first meeting with the outgoing Obama, much like with Obama’s case right after his own inaugural meeting with George W. Bush.

One of those post-election changes are:

  • There will be pick and choose over which provisions of the post 2008 financial crash Dodd-Frack Act will be repelled, or continued, and;
  • It’s the same thing with Obamacare, not everything in it will be stopped.

Trump Considers Obamacare Compromise

So, the big question now is:

Will he move for the re-investigation of the WTC 911 false flag as promised?

We need to ask this question now because the proper, honest to goodness re-investigation would certainly lead to the arrest of every player who planned and carried out the controlled demolition of the three towers at the World Trade Center in 2001.

In the same token, Trump should also, upon inauguration, immediately move for the arrest of the known Satanists working within the system.

Hillary Clinton Child Rape Victim Speaks Out – BOMBSHELL Cathy O’Brien Testimony

The affairs of the world will never change in the peoples’ favor unless they empower themselves with knowledge that will make them truly independent of the systems created for them by the Elite.

Together, they should work towards the obsolescence of these systems by getting their feet wet through their own establishment of a debt free economic system, and a direct participation in the crafting of binding policies through crowdsourced legislations within an Open Source Governance System [here].

That’s the only way that the people could enjoy real freedom, harmony and the fulfillment of their centuries-old pursuit of happiness.

Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can all help the revolution by avoiding all Khazarian pharmaceutical drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.

This article was originally published on Geopolitics.co.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Karl Gary says:

    Perhaps drop the word occult and any evil term. It is human stupidity that rules the world, not evil forces. We have simply built a stupid version of human civilization that is built around money, when a society of technology and automation designed as a resource-based economy would work much better and would not destroy the planet.

    If you really care about improving our civilization then there is only one lifestyle to present. The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco. His philosophies are far ahead of omnithought.

    I would start talking about the Venus Project. Any other idea mentioned is really meaningless and ineffective.

    • Pao Chang says:

      I am aware of Jacque Fresco. His philosophies are good but they are nothing new. The Venus Project alone is not going to save the human race, because it only offers enough solutions to fix a section of a very complex problem. True Freedom and prosperity require transformation from within and that takes personal responsibility, knowledge of empowerment, spiritual wisdom and the innerstanding of Natural Law. As long as the people remain ignorant and irresponsible, the Venus Project or any similar project will eventually fail to free the human race.

      • Karl Gary says:

        The Venus project is all that – personal responsibility, spiritual wisdom, a system that works with the laws of nature, and a system that teaches humans not to be ignorant and irresponsible. The core of the system is free education. If you want people to be less ignorant, then education must be free. And to make education completely free, the illusion of money must be dismantled, as the Venus Project suggests. The Venus Project fixes every complex problem because it eliminates politics, war, and money.

        I urge you to really investigate and expand beyond your limited thinking. Meditate on it and if you reach the Light, the Light will explain this solution – for it is a spiritual solution. Because the inner soul is nothing but an advanced scientist.

        90% of humans are already loving. Humans suffer from a massive systems problem from the 10%. That means, love is not the problem, it is a systems problem and the Venus project is a systems solution.

        But for you, here is the real issue. You think you are an advanced thinker, when you are not. You suffer from your own delusional thought because you have never accessed the Light that will teach you different. This is also why you do not understand dark energies and default to the word occult.

        There are no occult energies. Earth is about changing dark energy (insane energy) into Light energy. Occult and evil do not apply.

        Every teacher needs a master. But when a delusional teacher thinks he is a master, that helps no one and is more harmful than good. That is you. You think you are helping the world, when you are not. You add confusion because your thoughts are not clear and precise.

        You are soulless millennial created by fast bits of information. Google the “Digital Nation” by PBS. It will explain your lack of depth.

  2. Karl Gary says:

    Mr.Chang, if you really want to change the world, then money must dismantled and a resourced-based economy installed. If you can not expand your thoughts and become more intelligent to see this solution as the only solution, would mean you are ignorant as the rest, though you think you are more intelligent.

    You have many facts correct, but you have not arranged the facts into the correct solution. How do we stop capitalism from burning through Earth’s resources? By forming a Global Organization of Technology that manages Earth’s resources under one platform, where nations have combined forces to save Earth from 650 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere by the year 2100. That is a spiritual solution to our main problem of extinction. Spiritual beings will form the unity of nations – as of now, you are not one of those spiritual beings because your mind is distorted by what you think are the correct answers.

    The Venus Project eliminates the concept of nationalism. As does spirituality.

    There are only two things you should be presenting. The end of money and the end of nationalisms. If those concepts are not eliminated, humans cannot unite to singular force. All your complex thinking has bypassed the obvious. You can thank those fast bits of information that ruined your clear thought.

    • Pao Chang says:

      Here is what you wrote about me:

      “But for you, here is the real issue. You think you are an advanced thinker, when you are not. You suffer from your own delusional thought because you have never accessed the Light that will teach you different. This is also why you do not understand dark energies and default to the word occult.”

      You made a lot of false assumptions about me, proving to me that you are ignorant. The word occult simply means “hidden from view” or “secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated”. One of the keys to spiritual freedom is to balance the light and the dark.

      I agree with a lot of Jacque Fresco philosophies, such as the end of physical money. Be aware that money is the physical representation of our time and energy. Unfortunately, Jacque Fresco does not teach people how to defend their rights and free themselves from the legal system. The legal system is the system that the elite use to shut someone up whenever they feel he or she is a threat to their New World Order. The legal system is one of the major systems that is preventing the human race from achieving spiritual freedom.


      Does Jacque Fresco teach people how to stop paying taxes, remove themselves from the jurisdiction of the government, and defend their rights in court without hiring an attorney???

      For your information, I did not write the article above.

      • Karl Gary says:

        I apologize for my aggressive behavior. It was the misguided approach that was aimed at helping you to re-tool your message. Because your message is not a helping one. It is good that we called each other ignorant because that is the truth – we are all ignorant, stupid and selfish – not one of us is of a higher intelligence yet. That is the human species. Which means, we are not the dark forces as you proclaim. We are merely a very dumb species and our mutual correspondence proves that. My point that I will get to: There is a huge difference between an evil verses a stupidity approach of explaining human nature.

        There is the dictionary definition of occult and then there is the perception of the word. The clinical definition is not as harming as the perceived version when the word “occult” is used. “Occult” equals dark magic like voodoo, witchcraft, spells and such. That is not what is occurring to the human species on Earth. Humans suffer from sheer stupidity, nothing more and nothing less.

        I urge you to stop blaming a magical force as our corrupter. It is human thought that is the corrupter and the systems we have built through our human nature. Humans have built an insane system of civilization through our newly found technologies, not because we are evil, but because we are stupid.

        This environment now controls our behavior, and we shouldn’t even blame humans for their actions any longer. Money dictates our actions. How does a criminal stick a gun in your back when money does not exist? He can’t, when money is no longer a part of the environment. Criminals do not chose bad behavior because they are evil. They do bad things because the unintelligent design of civilization enforces bad behavior upon them. When money is no longer a part of the environment, the human behavior of robbery disappears too. For there is nothing to steal when civilization is sharing all goods and services produced by automation as the Venus Project suggests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vEkG_fJHvg – A video that explains why we do not need to blame humans due to our systems.

        I have read through most of your stuff. And you are not wrong with your insights. You really do have everything correctly figured out, but you are explaining things incorrectly and in a delusional manner. I agree with you about the legal system being the most suppressive structure that pushes against enlightenment. But it is also married to money and religion, so much more than just the legal system needs to be dismantled. With that being said; I would like to offer the correct order.

        Money is the main ruler of all delusional thought, and the legal system is but the tool that defends this main structure. Money was used to enhance the Christian religion, and the perfect way to stamp out nice little conformists of thought to serve the money system. Money is at the highest point of the pyramid and remains the powerful engine of law, politics, and religion. Nothing sits above the principle of money, not even God, for our American God is a contrived version produced by money, for money.

        If humans can dismantle money, everything beneath it is also dismantled. Taxes, the legal system, government, and even religions will suffer a major blow. Here’s the thing that you are not seeing. Only technology and automation can replace money, taxes, and the legal system. Human enlightenment is not the movement of love, it is the movement of love toward technology that improves our design of civilization. Love alone cannot fix our systems. But love and technology can change everything. We live in a world of technical systems now, so either we improve the technical systems or we must detract technology from civilization.

        You can teach all the people you want about not paying taxes, removing one’s self from government and self-representation inside the courtroom. Those teachings will not change the systems we live. What will change the systems that we live? Technology and automation to a free world, a moneyless world, and one that integrates into nature that does not destroy Earth, can change our systems. All those goals are in the Venus Project.

        To get to the Venus Project, it will take a new political party that is completely independent from the system and involves the average human. The more intelligent humans must present how to dismantle money, taxes, and the legal system, by offering a better system of civilization that works without those concepts.

        I encourage you to go deep in thought and then write an essay on how civilization can be re-designed to a better format. One that functions better, and is equal to all and non-harming to Earth. Let’s see if you can come up with a better idea than the Venus Project? If you do, I will support it and make it my new personal theme to teach. Email it to me please. I would love to read it.

        Prove to me and the rest of the world that you have real answers that will solve the human condition on Earth. You have been challenged my dear new friend. (And I like that you had the courage to publish a hard refute to your ideas. For that I commend you.)

        • Pao Chang says:

          I agree with you that we are all ignorant (to some degree). Some people are more ignorant than others.

          Money is the physical representation of our time and ENERGY. The most powerful thing in the Universe is energy, not “money”. Natural Law is what governs that energy, which is why Law is so powerful. In the dimensionalized universe, nothing is above Natural Law, not even energy.

          In our earth reality, the legal system is the “law” system used to govern money and business, and therefore it is a very powerful system. Don’t believe me? Stop paying your tax to the IRS and see how long you can last before they come after your money and property.

          • Karl Gary says:

            Of course, money pertains to Earth and not the entire universe.

            There is where the error of perception occurs. Your premise about the universe is incorrect. The Universe is energy, but you do not dive into the deeper nature that the universe is disordered energy. That means everything in it is of disorder and that includes our minds and bodies. That is the natural law of this universe, and it’s an ugly and deadly law that somehow you adore as a supreme command. You have twisted the natural law of disorder into something that you want to be good. Nothing good has been created by the energy inside this universe. Everything thing that is good (life) has been created by another universe, a universe of Light.

            The nature law of that Universe is unity and love, the exact opposite of the disordered energy in our universe. This Light Universe is the creator of Earth and life, inside a disorder universe. And the only natural law that should be referred to.

            Your statement: “In the dimensionalized universe, nothing is above Natural Law, not even energy.”

            This statement is incorrect. The natural law of disorder that surrounds us, is influenced by a massive energy system called Light. Light is a peaceful order that is reforming the disorder. That is what life is about. Light energy is the supreme energy behind everything, this includes our souls.

            There is a more accurate term that acknowledges a higher set of laws outside the Dark Universe. They are called Light Principles. Light Principles are the highest order of natural law that exists, and the only set of laws that are real. The Light Principles created Earth. Earth was not created by your version of nature law that is disorder. Your version of natural law is the discorded universe of time and energy, which happens to be unreal and exists as an illusion. Your version of natural law does not exist, you only think its exists because you have invented some kind of order to the disorder. You have invented a natural law that you like.

            You actually think that you and your thoughts are real. No, you are a system of disorder as am I. You are following the laws of disorder and why your writings contain the over usage of occult themes. You are not writing about the Light Universe and how it is the best set of laws. You write about your version of order that you created inside disorder, which makes your version of natural law not precise enough to heal the human condition.

            Hence, your statement of incoherence: “Money is the physical representation of our time and ENERGY.”

            Money is not the physical representation of our time and energy. Money is a reflection of the disordered universe. Money is a disordered thought created by humans. The natural law of Light – Light Principles – states that our souls do not use money, or need money. But in this physical dimension, money exists from disorder because time and energy are disorder, and here’s the important part. Our time and energy is not us, we are timeless spirits who have never left the unity and love of the Light Universe. Therefore, our time and energy is not a representation of money. Since Light created all life, our time and energy is a reflection of Light’s influence. But because we live in disorder, we do not see the Light and follow disorder. Yes, we waste our time and energy on money, but money certainly is not the representation of us and our true nature. Money is the representation of disorder that humans are involved with. Time and energy did not create money, disordered thought created money.

            Your placement of money is still in the wrong order. Money rules everything on Earth. And I think I can prove it in this manner. Obviously, money creates lawyers and judges directly through law school. Money influences people to become lawyers and judges so that they may make tons of money.

            Additionally, and I know you know this. The Feds create money and protect that money with laws they lobby for, and in most cases directly pay for through elected officials. To stop the laws that they make, you must take away the creation of money from their control. Law is only a tool that protects their strength of creation and control of money, and that creation/control of money, drives the engine of law to protect the Fed’s creative control.

            You can dismantle every law on the books you wish, and the power of the Fed will reinstate those laws that protect money with the power of money. But if you dismantle money and money no longer exists, then the legal system could never install laws that protect money. The legal system that pertains to money would natural dismantle, as the Venus Project proclaims. Dismantle money, and money laws disappear. Dismantle only law, money will rebuild those laws. Money is the power, law is only the enforcement tool. Law cannot buy money, but money can buy law. Does that clarify the order?

            Look at the crash of 2008. Money fell apart and the Feds stepped in with newly created money to save the system, and then redesigned certain laws to keep the system afloat. That is how powerful the creation of money is, and laws are merely the reins to hold the system upright. The Feds did not rebuild the money system through the fairness of law, they rebuilt the system of money through the power of creating money within a law that they fully control. The Feds will always protect that law of creation, and to end that law of creation, money itself must be dismantled. When money crashes again, since the Feds control the creation of money, they can always rebuild money. So, if you want to tear down the legal system that pertains to money, you must attack the one law that matters the most. The creation law that only the Federal Reserve controls, and they control that law with money.

            If you want to tear down the IRS and taxes, I suggest you look at a complete rearrangement of the money system that dismantles every law the Feds have built with money. The best solution is http://positivemoney.org/

            Your ideas want to saddle the horse, without breaking the horse.
            The horse will kick off any law that it does not like on its back. We must break the horse.

            I hope you start presenting the ideas of the positive money movement. It really is the only solution to the disorder of money. Positive money can be directly spent on the Venus Project to make Earth a Heaven.

            Humans are moving away from the disorder everyday. Humans are designed to install Light Principles on Earth that push away the disorder that surrounds us. And you thought enlightenment was attached to human thought. No, enlightenment is attached to our souls that will filter up new knowledge of why we are here. This only works when the human mind is empty of disordered thought and disordered concepts invented in the disorder.

            • Pao Chang says:

              Money is only powerful because it is a tool that can be used to steal our energy. When I said that money is the physical representation of our time and energy, I did not mean that money is energy. All it takes for money to lose its power to control us is for people to stop believing and using money. It is obvious that you are unaware of the power of words and the importance of the definitions of words.

              The Universe is governed by Natural Law, which is a body of spiritual laws. The way the wind blows and the movements of leaves and the dynamics of energy are all governed by Natural Law. There are countless spiritual laws (Natural Law). These laws work similar to computer codes. In a 3D program, there are thousands and possibly millions of lines of computer codes. Each line of computer codes has its own purpose. The spiritual laws governing the Universe work similar to the concept of computer codes.

              Your statement: “In the dimensionalized universe, nothing is above Natural Law, not even energy.”

              I should have been more specific about the comment above. What I meant to say is, “In the dimensionalized physical universe, nothing is above Natural Law, not even the dynamics of energy.”

              You can dismantle every law on the books you wish, and the power of the Fed will reinstate those laws that protect money with the power of money. But if you dismantle money and money no longer exists, then the legal system could never install laws that protect money. The legal system that pertains to money would natural dismantle, as the Venus Project proclaims. Dismantle money, and money laws disappear. Dismantle only law, money will rebuild those laws. Money is the power, law is only the enforcement tool. Law cannot buy money, but money can buy law.

              Based on your comment above, it is obvious that you do not innerstand law. Yes, the Fed can lobby congress to change the “law” to benefit them, but their laws are not really laws but all called acts and statues. Acts and statues only apply to people who agree to be citizen of a country. To be a citizen means that you are a corporate slave. Slaves do not have rights. If you agree to be a citizen, you do not have rights, which is why the government can take away your kids, money and property.

              I have used the power of Natural Law to stop the court and debt collectors from taking my money. I can teach people to do the same. When enough of us know how to defend our rights effectively using the power of Natural Law and words, no government can force us to pay them money and therefore a corporation like the Fed will lose the power to control us. It is such a great feeling to have no more debts!!!

              Just imagine 15-20 percent of the people knowing how to exercise their natural rights to stop paying income tax to the IRS and prevent banks and debt collectors from taking their money. The government would lose so much money and power that they would have no choice but to dismantle most of their departments. This is how we can restore freedom and prosperity throughout the world without firing one bullet!

              You may think that using law to dismantle a corporation like the Fed is not effective, but that is because you do not know how the legal system and law truly work. There is a spiritual side to the legal system and the “dark” beings at the top of the legal system are well aware of the power of Natural Law, such as the Law of Free Will. These beings are terrified of violating the Law of Free Will. Why? Because the Supreme Creator will send its cosmic forces to dismantle their legal system if they do not play by the rules.

              If you are a citizen of a country, you already agree to be a corporate slave. This means that you have temporary given up your free will. Because of this, they Dark Forces do not have to really worry about violating your free will. If you do not know how to exercise your rights, the government can silence you anytime they want. Slaves do not have the right to own property, such as money.

              You cannot achieve true spiritual freedom until you learn how to exercise your natural rights. Learning how to exercise your natural rights is a sign of spiritual maturity and responsibility.

              You can take the path of the Venus Project but my path is to teach people how to defend their natural rights, so that together we can take back our freedom and sovereignty without violent revolutions.

              You might want to visit the link below to learn more about light.


              • Karl Gary says:

                Great video Mr. Chang.

                I do understand how Still Magnetic Light is the fundamental influence of all matter. Dr. Russell understood something was magnetic to pull mass together. It is now called the Higgs field, with a boson particle that allows for the building of mass. And I say it is the particle that also influences mass as Dr. Russell envisioned, for it is a particle directly linked to Light. Many scientists do not carry that vision of the Higgs boson and make it rather one dimensional. I contend that Dr. Russell is correct in theory and the language can be updated.

                Therefore, I have reduced Dr. Russell’s Still Magnetic Light down to just Light, or a Fabric of Light for more accuracy. Magnetic is now the wrong term to describe a Light energy system that also controls the dark energy of pushing the universe open to eliminate radiation. That pushing accomplished by Light to matter, allowed the arms of the Milky Way to contain less radiation and for Life to take hold. It seems the Light energy that influences all of matter can repel and clump, even when no sign of an alloy is present. Magnetic should be left to the alloys, a more suitable home for the word. But I will use the term magnetic since you might be accustomed to it.

                I also understand that our government upon birth makes a human a corporate like identity. I have a friend that used your theory of Natural Law to keep his home from foreclosure. It’s been 5 years and he is still in his home. It looks to be holding. Though I have not followed up with him lately.

                I agree with your attempts to bring peaceful change and the training you do for others humans to fight the system of slavery.

                Real change will take a new political party that exists outside the system that changes money to a positive state that helps humans, rather than a harmful tool money has been.

                I like Dr. Russell. But I wish he explained how our Light Souls are multidimensional beings of time. We all have a future self that was made perfect in an instant, when Light entered the hearts of primitive Neanderthals. Our inner Light beings then influenced the creation of Cro-Magnon and hence, here we are today with a bigger brain that can be influenced by Light.

                Humans have mastered that Magnetic Light Field that Dr. Russell mentions. The Human Soul is applying that field of energy into Earth, so that we may transform the dark, insane, disordered energy at the center of Earth and that surrounds Earth. I know full well of the inhuman consciousness that is the absence of Light. I understand those dark energies. But they are separated frequencies that do not disturb Earth in a dramatic or controlling way. So, to say that “dark beings” are at the top of the legal system as if they are running the show with dark energy, is not accurate. Again, that is a delusional thought. They are misguided humans of ego consciousness and do not represent pure evil. They are fully human and contain a human soul, as opposed to inhuman activity that is soulless.

                And this thought is also incorrect: “Because the Supreme Creator will send its cosmic forces to dismantle their legal system if they do not play by the rules.”

                Guess what, humans are that supreme creator, at least our future selves are who are not bound by time. Human Souls are made of Dr. Russell’s Magnetic Light. It will be us that fixes Earth, and enhances Earth at the same time. We are that magical force and a real shame that many humans do not see themselves as that magical force, and place their power outside themselves.

                Here’s the truth about our legal system. Our legal system is a build over many centuries, ever since Moses came down the mountain with his ten commandments. Human ego consciousness (not evil consciousness) kept adding law after law to keep civilization civil. Only recently with the advent of computers and fake money, have things gotten out of hand. Not through evil as you say, but through sheer human greed and stupidity.

                Evil does exist, as it is the absence of Light. But those frequencies are not a part of Earth’s frequency of physicality and haven’t been for a very long time. However, you and I both know that there are exceptions when a portal can open, but it is closed as quickly as possible by Light.

                Dr. Russell understood the basics of Still Magnetic Light, but he never accessed Earth’s real nature. Earth’s real nature is a transformation center of dark energy into Light energy. His version of Still Magnetic Light created our sun to shine a Light inside darkness and eventually on a Earth, so that Earth could support life. Earth has a Soul System of Light, just as you have a Soul System of Light. Earth’s Soul System of Light then transposed dark energy into trees, animals, mountains, rivers and oceans, long before it created a human soul of Light. Earth is an alive system of consciousness and is responsible for the creation of your Soul, my soul, and all Souls. We are a creation of one Soul, Earth’s Soul.

                Earth’s whole program is about taking inhuman energy and adding a soul to it, that instantly appears in some sort of Heaven. It would be insane to think that a demonic force does not eventually receive a human soul to tame its disordered nature. This idea represents the nature of Earth. Earth is a Light system designed to turn evil into good. These processes take place in realms outside the more advanced human frequencies that you and I enjoy. Heaven is not singular. There are many realms to Heaven, which are separated by frequency. It’s a multiverse inside a multiverse, surrounded by a multiverse.

                Since you love to talk about dark energies. Goggle Dr. Eben Alexander, he had the best description of the insane energy at the center of Earth from his near-death experience. That is the energy, which is being converted into human soul systems of Light. That is Earth’s ultimate function. The turning of dark evil into brilliant and loving Light. This also means that there is no battle between good and evil as many teachers profess. It is a conversion process – not a battle.

                Question: Why do you think the Heaven you and I will enjoy is much like Earth? Well, that is the Earth Soul System of Light that we live in. From there, Earth’s Light system expands out into other realms or frequencies of Light.

                I also recall and I hope correctly, that Dr. Russell did not cover what the Still Magnetic Light has created outside the human species. Magnetic Light is a home to many species of Light – infinite species that are uncountable. Your human Soul of Light will evolve out of its condition. You will outgrow your human soul and move into other frequencies of life that are completely different.

                Here’s the fun part. What Dr. Russell terms as Still Magnetic Light, I term has a Fabric of Light. I know you like words and terms, so you might understand my term to be much more accurate than Dr. Russell’s. Why? My reasoning has two accounts. 1) Magnetism is only one force. The Light Fabric is an infinite layer of science and physics far beyond the four forces of our universe – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. So, limiting the describe of Light to magnetism is not accurate, when it contains all kinds of physics. 2) I call it a Fabric because that is how it acts. On Earth, we wear a human body as a Fabric. When we die, we wear Light as a Fabric.

                The Light Fabric contains many frequencies of science and physics, which are integrated into a compassionate weave of positive energy that always feels good. The infinite physics of Light, which are merely frequencies of Light that we learn to operate, cannot let any consciousness of its system create anything that is harmful from its science based nature. Harmful does not exist and cannot be created in the fabric of compassion. That fabric will remain fluorescent with Light for eternity, for there is no time. But there is evolution. Your consciousness will expand out of Earth’s Soul System and spend an eternity exploring the realms of science and compassion. Learning about Light’s nature of science and physics will never stop, and why consciousness can never become stale and idle.

                What I’m saying is this. Light is fabric of science and physics, and we are the loving consciousness of the fabric. And we get to play with that fabric in the most magical ways. A freewill system that is completely harmless as it engages new realms which are built from and by compassion. This means that the final nature of our Soul is highly scientific, and beautifully laced with compassionate energy.

                How do you think Earth was created in such a dark void? It took massive amounts of science. Our human souls have learned that science and we are working through and with Earth’s Soul for a purpose. Humans are currently moving into a science-based-thought-system that mirrors our inner Soul, and this will also bring higher states of compassion to the surface of Earth. Something like the Venus Project is already built inside Earth’s Soul. And we are merely manifesting that reality into existence.

                You and I are time fragments created by our inner Souls. We were sent to Earth to bring about change, every human contains this goal. Unfortunately, the surface of Earth is a highly-disordered energy system of ego consciousness that distracts us from our inner voice of unity.

                Your work is helping to break down the traditional thought of ego consciousness. Keep up that good fight of ending corporate slavery. An enhanced version of The Venus Project will be the result 100/150 years from now. This will allow for new form of human consciousness to evolve on Earth, one that is better suited for the reincarnation of our shared Light energy.

                But I still urge you to drop the occult side of your message. Our human Souls that are loving and wise, have moved physical Earth out of the darker frequencies and fewer portals exist now, which are closed swiftly.

                I wish you had investigated my teachings as I have investigated all yours. You would have never thrown Dr. Russell’s preliminary work at me. I studied his work years ago, so I hope I correctly remembered the topics I believe he never covered.

                And thanks for taking the time to write a more coherent message. Good, clear writing is tougher work. I really enjoyed reading your response.

  3. Anabel says:

    The banksters have always been the ones to select the presidents.
    Trump is no different, they could not get the people to believe( manifest) clinton would win- so they didn’t try it.
    The numbers are from the banksters media. maybe more than 50% didn’t vote and maybe the numbers are wrong( too high for trump +clinton)
    Its all taken on belief.

  4. Pao Chang says:

    I am aware that we live in a multiverse and the reality we live in is disordered energy. It is my innerstanding that living in a disordered energy reality allows us to experience things that we cannot experience in a non-disordered energy reality. I do agree with most of what you said in your comments. When it comes to the light and the dark or what people sometimes refer to as good and evil, I see them as two things that we need to bring into balance.

    I am also aware that humans are “that supreme creator” like what you said in your comment. It is my innerstanding that when we decided to come down to Earth, we had to leave a large percentage of our spiritual powers behind, because manifesting on Earth with the full strength of our spiritual powers would destroy Earth. Because of this, our spiritual powers were weakened, making us vulnerable to be controlled by beings that like to enslave other beings.

    Based on your comments about light, you most likely have a better understanding of light than me. I am a fan of Walter Russell’s work but I have not had time to study a large percentage of his work for the reason that studying law and the legal system takes a lot of my free time. The knowledge that I have learned from studying law and the legal system has made me realize that the most effective way to make the Dark Forces liable for their actions is not to fight them, but to use the justice system to hold them accountable for violating our natural rights. Maybe this will teach them some hard lessons, causing them to change for the better.

    Thank you Karl for sharing your knowledge. I will check out your work soon.

    • Karl Gary says:

      Your comment:
      “It is my innerstanding that when we decided to come down to Earth, we had to leave a large percentage of our spiritual powers behind, because manifesting on Earth with 100 percent of our spiritual powers would destroy Earth.”

      That is 100% accurate. We are slivers of our inner power. About 1% is incarnated.