The Occult Definition of Convict and the Hidden Role of Judges

Authored or posted by | November 18, 2015
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Judge GavelThe word convict is often used in the legal system to identify people who have been found “guilty” of a crime and is serving a sentence in prison. What most people do not know about the word convict is that there is a deeper meaning to this word. Its deeper meaning is used by the Dark Forces and their minions to mock people who were in prison or are serving a sentence in prison. After reading this article, you will know the occult definition of convict and why the legal system likes to use this word to mock convicts.

The overt definition of convict is “a person proved or declared guilty of an offense.” This definition only defines the word convict at the surface level. To find the deeper meaning of the word convict, you need to split the word into two words “con-vict” and switch them around. When you do this, the words become “vict-con”.

The Occult Definition of Convict

The prefix “vict” comes from the Latin root word vict, meaning “conquer.” It is related to the root word vinc. This is where we get the word victim from. The definition of victim is “a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency” or “a person or animal sacrificed or regarded as sacrificed”.

To connect the dots, a “con-vict” or “vict-con” is a victim of a con who has been conquered and deceived due to his or her ignorance. This is the covert or occult definition of convict. So, what is the con? The con is the legal system. Convicts are victims of the con known as the legal system.

The legal system is a fraud because it is based on presumption and is run by a bunch of criminals that are using it to con people to pay them money, and therefore it is a con system. Most people who are in prison are in prison because they have been conned by the legal system. The legal system mocks them by calling them convicts. Are you starting to see the big picture here?

For proof of that the legal system is a big fat fraud, read these three articles titled Federal Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud, 32 Shocking Facts About the Legal System that They Don’t Want You to Know, and Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations.

The Hidden Role of Judges

Judges are religious priests that have a strong connection to the Jesuits. Their hidden role is to charge you with something, so that you can be used as a battery to charge the corporations (corpses or dead entities) of the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their New World Order. For strong evidence of this, read my empowering article titled The Esoteric Definition of Battery.

Did you know the word corporation (corp-o-ration) has the word corpse in it, and therefore its hidden definition is “a dead body“. The word corporation can also be written as corp. Phonetically, the root word corp sounds similar to the word corpse, which is defined as “a dead body, usually of a human being.” Do you still need more evidence? According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a corporation is “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.” An artificial person is considered a dead entity, because it does not exist in the real world.

Have you ever wondered why judges wear black robes? The black robe uniform is the symbol representing a “Jesuit” priest that worships the god Saturn. During the ancient times, Saturn was associated with the god of law and justice. Today, many secret societies still worship Saturn as the god of law and justice.

According to Jordan Maxwell, the symbol that was used in the religious context for Saturn was the square and its symbolic color was black. This is why judges wear a black robe. It is their way of showing respect to Saturn, the god of law and justice. Whether judges realize it or not, they are religious priests who have been brainwashed by the Dark Forces to cast dark magic spells on people when they are in court.

The legal system is saturated with dark magic. This is why the letter that the court used to notify you to appear in court is called a summons letter. What do witches do when they need to call spirits to appear in front of them? They summon them! They did not call it a summons letter by accident. A lot of court documents also have seals on them. These seals are sigils that are used for real magic rituals. Be aware that magic can be used for good or evil purposes.

Did You Know Bar Attorneys are Templar Agents?

As for attorneys, especially Bar attorneys, they are Templar agents. These agents are committing crimes in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other certain countries under the guise and color of law. Bar attorneys work for the same secret organizations (the Crown of England and the Crown Temple) that tried to enslave the American people in the 1700s.

These two secret organizations were heavily involved in the killing of Americans during the American War of Independence. Today, the Crown of England and the Crown Temple are still working hard to control the American people. Unfortunately, they have already taken over the court and political system of the USA over 100 years ago. These two secret organizations are controlled by the Vatican.

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  1. Anabel says:

    Do you know of any links to the “Crown Temple” and how it is different from the Bank of England’s entity the “Crown”?
    That would mean the triad would be the Crown, Washington + Vatican (and the Crown Temple).It would be a Quad.A square, the symbol for Saturn.

    • PL Chang says:

      Check out this link: It does a good job of explaining the difference between the Crown Temple and the Crown of England.

      There is a lot of great articles on the Internet about the Crown Temple, so just do a quick search using Google, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine.

      • Anabel says:

        Thanks for the link.
        I did not find the Bank of England’s “Crown” to be separate from the “Crown temple”.

        The Crown Temple is an tentacle of the Crown. Rules or legislation, a set of made up rules for corporate control.

        (I am ignoring the Queen’s Crown)
        Vatican, Crown and Washington a Triad.

        • John L says:

          The Crown’s(Crown Temple’s) rules/legislation serve a “prison” construct.The lucifarians ignore the legislation and will only use it to take from the people their time, life or property.

  2. John L says:

    Most “Judges” I’ve met don’t even know the legislation used in their court cases they are told by the Crown’s agent of the outcome.

  3. jus chris says:

    Very good accuRAte info but the MA- Tri-ics goes MU-ti layers deeper down the RA-bbid- RA-BI-hole Ba’al ArcHA-ANs war ship demon sun-son god to-RA-AH cAH-Ba’aL-AH / KA-Ba’aL-AH. Don’t laugh; AH HA HA HA their are MAny pHA-RA-Sea people Secrets hidden deep in our AN-“G”-L-ish (bent or twists demon god men)…