The Negative Effects of the Blame-Game and How to Heal Them

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Guy Yelling

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A Distortion in our Time Matrix

( The Blame-Game is a game that has been part of this time-matrix since this time-matrix came into existence. It began in another time-matrix as a result of distortions and it was hoped that life-forms in this time-matrix would be able provide the necessary healing. It is still the hope that such healing can occur and it can indeed but as with all healing, it is dependent upon free-will choices.

Many people are caught up in the blame-game on planet Earth and many do not realize it is a distorted game that is destined to control and continue to create more of the same. If we hold a desire to heal, it becomes necessary to take a serious look at ourselves, our lives and the environment in which we are immersed to find what obstacles could be hiding in plain sight that keep us from healing and creating the life experience we would like to have.

It can be quite scary for many people to take this serious look at these things in their lives and the root cause behind why things occur as they do. Humans are falsely coded to be creatures of “habit”; falsely because we were not created by Source to express in this way. Because our current awareness-disabilities block the future moment from our view, remaining in a comfort-space is usually the chosen stance to take even if the comfort-space is not a healthy one, simply because such ‘comfort’ at least helps us understand what we can expect.

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