Is the Naval Base in Coronado, California, USA Controlled by the Nazis?

Authored or posted by | September 17, 2015
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Nazi ProtestIf you have done good research on the Nazi secret society, you should know that this secret society did not die-off after World War 2. Instead, it went underground and is now more powerful than ever. The Nazis control a large section of the U.S. government. They also control a large section of the CIA and the U.S. military. Many high level U.S. military personnel are Nazis. Furthermore, NASA was created by certain factions of the U.S government to give Nazi scientists a place to continue their research in space technology.

Today, the Nazis have some of the most advanced space technologies. I have heard that many of the UFOs that people see in the sky at night belong to the Nazi organization. Some researchers of secret societies and UFOs claim that the Nazis have bases on the moon.

Below is a very short video of the U.S. Naval Base in Coronado, California, USA. The video uses Google Earth to show you an aerial view of the base. What is shocking about this base is that it is shaped exactly like the swastika, the symbol used by the Nazis to represent their secret society. Here is a short excerpt from about this base:

Naval Amphibious Base Coronado is home of the U.S. Navy’s special and expeditionary warfare training and the West Coast base of operations for SEAL teams and Special Boat Units.

NABC supports over 30 tenant commands, including Amphibious Construction Battalion One, Naval Special Warfare Group One, and Tactical Air Control Group One. The on base population is 5,000 military personnel and 7,000 students and reservists.

Based on the information in block quotation above, this military base is not your ordinary military base. The questions you should ask are, why is it shaped like the swastika and is it controlled by the Nazis. If it is controlled by them, what are they really using this base for?

US Naval Amphibious Base – Coronado, CA

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