Natural Law; or the Science of Justice: A Treatise on Natural Law, Natural Justice, Natural Rights, Natural Liberty, and Natural Society

Authored or posted by | October 28, 2015
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Natural Law Cosmic LawAlthough I do not agree with all the information in the PDF in this article, much of the information is empowering and important for freedom and sovereignty. If you do not know what Natural Law is, it is a group of spiritual laws that governs the dynamics of the Universe. These laws are the Laws of Nature or what some people refer to as God’s Law or Cosmic Law. The Laws of Nature are immutable and everything in the Universe is bound to them.

The Laws of Nature are like the computer codes in a computer. They are there to give order to the Universe and control the dynamics and behaviors of reality and life. Because of these things, there are countless Laws of Nature. One of the well-known Laws of Nature is the Law of Gravity.

If you want to learn how to truly achieve spiritual freedom, you must learn how to live in harmony with Natural Law. To learn how to do this, download or view my second seminar and study the information in it.

If you have trouble viewing the PDF file below, you can download it by clicking on this link. As always, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the content in case it has deceptive information.

Natural Law; or the Science of Justice by Lysander Spooner


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