The Morphogenetic and Holographic Universe

Authored or posted by | September 8, 2015
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Holographic Morphogenetic UniverseThanks to Tom for sending me the link to the last video in this article. ~ PL Chang

The idea that the Universe is a hologram or holographic in nature is not a new idea. Unlike a conventional hologram, the Holographic Universe is multidimensional in nature. If you do not know what a hologram is, it is like a photograph that uses light to project its image into a three dimensional object. In other words, it is a 3D projection of light (energy).

Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm that roughly explains what a hologram is:

A hologram is similar to a photograph but is three dimensional and multidimensional in nature. Within any point in a holographic image, no matter how small, all knowledge of the whole image is present. In other words, it has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it emerged.

For example, take a hologram plate of a vase of flowers and break it in half. You do not have a picture of two halves of a vase; each half is still the complete picture. Break the plate into quarters and you will have four complete pictures and so on, down to small fragments. The problem is that the picture gets fuzzier at each reduction. A tiny piece still contains the whole picture but the clarity is gone.4

As for morphogenetic fields, they are invisible fields that shape and form every system in the Holographic Universe, such as stars, planets, and the human body. To be more specific, morphogenetic fields are living thought form fields that act as templates upon which matter is manifested. They also allow consciousness to create structure so that it can experience itself. For an excellent video that explains what morphogenetic fields are, watch the last video in this article.

Watch the videos below and you will have a general idea of how reality works. If you study how holograms work, you will have a good idea of how reality truly works. Once you comprehend how reality works at the energy level, you should know that the movie titled The Matrix is NOT 100 percent fictional.

For more information about how reality works at the fundamental levels, read my empowering article titled How Frequency and Vibration Create Sacred Geometry and the Structures of Matter and Life.

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