The Meanings of Love

Authored or posted by | September 22, 2013
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I dedicated this poem to a beautiful lady who inspired me to write poems again.

It has been over 15 years since I first wrote poems in middle school. This is my second poem since then. Enjoy!

Heart Hands

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The Meanings of Love

Love is not just a word
Love is a feeling of joy
Some say love is hard to find
Search within and you shall see what they do not see
Love is respect
Love is unconditional
Some say love hurts
A broken heart teaches you lessons so you can learn self-respect and compassion
Love is priceless
Love is kind
Some say love is unfair
Life is not suppose to be perfect so that we can see our flaws and differences
Love is a state of bliss and eternal
Love is balance and harmony
Some say love is for the weak
The reason why people are weak is because they lack the power of love
Love is spiritual energy
Love is vibration and resonance
Some say love is hard to understand
Love is beyond words so feel its presence instead of trying to understand it through words
Love is forgiveness
Love is accepting responsibility
Some say love makes people do crazy and childish things
People do childish things when they are in love, because it does not matter what others think
Love is peace
Love is life
Best of all, love is the reason why I am attracted to your heart

By P.L. Chang

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