Magicians & Their Masters Rule the World, Not Politicians, Lawyers, Bankers, Aristocrats & Monarchs

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By Pao Chang, author of and

Most people are unaware that there exist very small groups of men and women who are obsessed with using the art of dark magic (magick) to gain power over others. I often refer to these men and women as the Dark Magicians. These magicians like to do their work in secrecy and in the dark, because their agenda to rule the world can only be achieved through stealth and deceptive techniques.

Some of the organizations that they created to help them rule the world are secret societies. The secret societies created by the Dark Magicians have existed for thousands of years and have been heavily involved in the rise and fall of most nations. Even today, they are heavily involved in creating and destroying nations. Be aware that I am not saying that all secret societies were created by the Dark Magicians. Furthermore, not every secret society wants to rule the world.

The Dark Magicians have been very successful at ruling over the people of the world, because they know how to use the art of magic to summon demons, djinn (jinn or genies) and thought form entities to help them achieve their goals and desires. In the world of occult magic, thought form entities are sometimes called egregores. An egregore is a psychic entity that constantly needs to be charged with people’s psychic energy to strengthen its power, so it can stay “alive” and function properly.

Throughout history, the Dark Magicians have used the art of dark magic to manipulate kings, queens, presidents, aristocrats and politicians to do their bidding. Because of their knowledge and experience with using magic (magick) to manipulate people, they were able to climb the social ladder faster than most people and get to the top with little resistance.

Today, the Dark Magicians are often the leaders of certain powerful secret societies and the ones pulling the strings of politicians. Many of their secret agents work in high-level positions in the legal, political and financial systems. For example, most presidents, kings, queens and aristocrats work for the Dark Magicians. Furthermore, most high-level judges and bankers, whether they realize it or not, are controlled by them to a large degree.

The Dark Magicians have been able to stay at the top of the social ladder because they know how to use the power of words to cast magic spells. They also know how to use the power of words to summon demons, djinn and thought form entities to help them achieve their goals and desires, and strengthen their spiritual power. Magic is their secret weapon for giving them enough power to successfully cheat their way to the top of the social ladder.

An important thing you need to know about magic is that magic always comes with a price, which is why I do not encourage people to cast magic spells. The truth that most people do not want to know is that anyone who knows how to read and write practices the art of magic nearly every day. This is because the letters of the alphabet are sigils created based on occult knowledge of magic. One of the “prices” for learning how to read and write is the weakening of your higher spiritual powers (e.g., telepathy), allowing the Dark Magicians and their demonic masters to use words to trick you to temporarily “give up” your natural rights to them.

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