The Magic of Symbols and Words

Authored or posted by | April 13, 2015
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Magic Symbols Circles

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Symbols are like languages because they have meanings. When certain sacred symbols are grouped together in certain ways, they tell a story or produce magic effects.

If you do not think that symbols are powerful or can affect people’s mind, wear a shirt with the swastika symbol on it and go to a public area where there is a lot people of different colors. I can guarantee you that people will give you mean looks. You might even get harass by other people.

All languages are made up of symbols. In the English language, each letter was created and carefully designed based on sacred geometry. This process gives each of the letters a power of its own, so that when the letters are put together in certain ways, they can create magic effects. Is this hard for you to believe? Read further and I will show you the evidence.

The following excerpt explains how letters and words can be used as magic spells. It is extracted from my article titled How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells.

After learning the alphabet, you are taught how to “spell” using the letters of the alphabet. This is to prepare you for the day you can cast magic spells through the use of spelling! Did you notice that “magic spell” and “spell-ing” have the word “spell” in them? This is no accident. It is right in your face! The hidden intent of spelling is to cast magic spells.

Most people are too ignorant (lacking in knowledge), so they have no idea what they are actually doing when they yell harsh words at one another using swear words or “curse” words. They did not call them curse words for no reason. Are you starting to see the big picture?

Why do you think most parents tell their kids to stop “cursing” when they swear too much? Even at a subconscious level, we intuitively know that it is not good to use curse words too much. Maybe next time we should listen to our intuition and do some research to find out why we feel that way.

The main reason why they teach you how to spell words correctly is to make sure that each letter or geometry is arranged the same way every time you write something. This will help strengthen the magic effects of certain words.

Symbols or sigils are powerful and can be used to create real magic, because they are geometric representations of certain manifested thoughts. Magic is nothing more than the art of directing and controlling energy using natural forces to create a desired effect. Once you know this, you will know that magic is very real.

Manipulating Matter One Molecule at a Time

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I love the articles and the ideas…I just was put off when you said “most people are ignorant”. You are writing about the importance of words…I am and will remain a fan. I was pointing that out.

    • PL Chang says:

      What I meant to say was that most people are ignorant or lacking in knowledge when it comes to understanding real magic and the power of words.