The Magic Power of Words: Why the World Is Dominated by Words

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Magic book and wordsBy Pao Chang, author of

Since the day you were born, you have been conditioned to rely heavily on words to communicate. This has caused you to rely less on your higher senses, causing them to become weak and dormant. The process of using words to communicate does not require you to strongly use your higher senses; therefore the longer you use words to communicate, you depend less on your higher senses and rely more on your lower senses to express your thoughts and ideas to other people, allowing words to significantly affect your perception of reality.

Today, we rely so much on words to communicate that it is estimated that the average person speaks more than 7,000 words a day. Even though we hear and speak words everyday, most of us have little or no clue as to how powerful words are. What most people do not know about words is that they can be used to cast magic spells. Because of this, they are very effective for deceiving and controlling the human mind.

The good news is that when you become aware of how words are used to control you and learn how to use words wisely, you can use them to empower your mind. To become more aware of the power of words, you need to learn and “innerstand” how words are used to trick you to “give up” your natural rights and spiritual powers to the State. The process of using words to trick you to do something is known as word magic.

One of the State’s favorite tools to use to trick you to give up your natural rights, so its agents can boss you around and tell you how to act like a slave is contract. The word contract is defined by Black’s Law Dictionary 6 edition using these exacts words: “An agreement between two or more persons which creates an obligation to do or not to do a particular thing.” The same dictionary also defines the word contract using these exact words: “A contract is a promise or a set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty.”

The two definitions of the word contract in the previous paragraph do not show the hidden agenda of the word contract. To find its hidden agenda, you need to split the word contract into two words, transforming it into the term “con tract“. As a verb, the word con means “to swindle; trick“. As a noun, the word tract is defined as “a brief treatise or pamphlet for general distribution, usually on a religious or political topic.” When you combine the two definitions and play around with their words, you should eventually come to the conclusion that the word contract/”con tract” means a “deceptive treatise” or a “treatise of trickery”.

Today, nearly all contracts created by the State, the government and the legal system are deceptive treatise, because they are designed to trick you to agree to act in the capacity of a fictional and dead character, which is known as a persona or person. Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition defines the word persona using these exact words: “In the civil law, character in virtue of which certain rights belong to a man and certain duties are imposed upon him. Thus one man may unite many characters (personæ), as, for example, the characters of father and son, of master and servant.”

The purpose of tricking you to agree to be a persona is so that the State, the government and the legal system can have jurisdiction over you, allowing them to use their legal laws to control you and trap you in their debt-based commerce system. The first contract that they used to trick you to agree to play the role of a persona/person is the birth certificate.

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