Light and Darkness

Authored or posted by | October 17, 2013
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Have you ever wondered why we are afraid of the dark? We are afraid of the dark, because we have been conditioned at an early age to be fearful of the blackness of space. When babies are born, they do not fear the absent of light, because their mind is not polluted with biased thoughts. Society conditions us to fear the dark through the media, movies and subliminal messages.

It is fine to be cautious of the dark, because the absent of light makes it hard for us to see where we are going. But to be fearful of the dark is a trick of the mind. To reverse this state of fear, you need to understand what light and darkness are, and use this knowledge to empower you. When you become empowered with light, the dark forces will have a harder time controlling you with their fear techniques.

“In truth, when it comes to order, darkness will always lose to light. Darkness is a state of randomness and chaos. When light comes in contact with darkness, it gives order to that chaos, causing it to structuralize. This process pushes the darkness away, showing that light is more powerful than darkness.” ~ PL Chang

Space Earth

Flickr Commons: Image provided by Sweetie187

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