Life Science: The Organic Spiritual Science of Enlightenment and Immortality

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All reality fields or systems of our Time Matrix are created using the organic spiritual science of life or Life Science. These reality fields are known as organic reality fields. These organic living systems have infinite life span, because they are always being recharged with the loving energy of Creation (the Prime Creator).

All reality fields that are based on Life Science have infinite life span, because they are open systems. In other words, the living energy that flows in from Creation and back out to Creation has little or no restriction. The way energy is exchanged in open systems is similar to the breathing process. Because the energy that fuels organic reality fields does not get depleted, these organic systems do not experience death.

Most systems of our Universe are organic systems except for certain systems, such as unnatural black holes. Unlike natural black holes which are naturally found in nature and are not dangerous to life, unnatural black holes are dangerous to life because they consume energy in an uncontrollable way. These artificial black holes are created through exploiting nature using very advanced technologies; therefore, they are not naturally found in nature.

Below is an excerpt from my other website ( that does a great job of explaining the difference between Life Science and Death Science.

Science plays an important role in our spiritual evolution, because its scientific laws are needed to give order to all the systems that make up the Universe, such as our solar system and bodies. However, depending on what type of science is being used, it can disharmonize or destroy certain systems of the Universe.

The science that supports infinite systems is what I like to refer to as Life Science. Life Science supports natural systems. Death Science supports artificial systems (systems that are created by exploiting nature, causing unnatural systems to manifest, such as unnatural black holes and wormholes). Natural black holes are naturally found in nature but artificial black holes are not.

The Fibonacci golden mean spiral that the first video talks about is also based on Death Science, because it grows through recycling finite energy. Life Science supports the Krystal spiral, which is similar to the Fibonacci spiral except that the Krystal spiral is self-regenerating, giving it organic eternal life.

… Most of our modern science is based on death science, which is why it supports black holes, wormholes and finite systems. There is nothing wrong with death science because it contains its own truth. But following the concept of death science beyond the critical mass point will eventually lead to the death of a race and its planet and even its galaxy.

The Negative Entities Responsible for Destroying Organic Systems of the Milky Way

The beings responsible for destroying many organic systems of the Milky Way galaxy are part of a negative thought form collective. These negative thought form entities are like astral parasites. They like to infect the minds of human beings and extraterrestrial (ET) beings who are attractive to the negative polarity. People often refer to these negative thought form entities as fallen angels, demons, astral parasites, or evil spirits.

The negative thought form entities have been causing chaos to the Milky Way for eons. Certain secret societies, such as the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Vatican, the Jesuits and certain factions of the Freemasons like to worship these negative entities like gods.

The negative thought form entities aren’t connected to the Eternal Life Grid and thus they have a finite life span. To stay alive, they feed on the negative energy produced by fear. They are basically energy vampires that feed on the energy of organic systems and beings.

How to Tell If a Spiritual Science Teaching is Based on Life Science or Death Science

Spiritual science teachings that heavily support the torus energy field, also known as the poison apple, are to some degree based on Death Science. The poison apple that they talk about in religion is a metaphor for the torus energy field that surrounds a star, planet, body, cell, and atom in the Milky Way galaxy. Before the tragic event that caused distortions to our energy fields, our energy fields did not look like a torus. Instead, they looked more like a butterfly-shaped field.

Torus Energy Field

Image provided by, Stuart Webster (, and Daniel Oines (

The torus energy field is a distortion of the natural butterfly-shaped energy field. This distortion restricts the natural flow of living energy of the Universe and causes the torus energy field to feed on the limited supply of energy that remains in its merkaba field. As a result, the torus energy field is one of the major causes of death. The core structure that allows living energy to travel from Creation to the receiver is the Eternal Life Grid, also known as the Organic Tree of Life.

Eternal Life Grid (Organic Tree of Life)

Kathara Grid

Image credit:

Spiritual science teachings that heavily support the Fibonacci Spiral are also based on Death Science, because this spiral grows through recycling finite energy. Life Science supports the Krystal Spiral, which is similar to the Fibonacci Spiral except that the Krystal Spiral is self-regenerating, giving it organic eternal life.

Krystal Spiral

Krystal Spiral Geometry

Krystal Spiral – Image credit:

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Golden Mean Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral – Image credit:

Another technique that can help you determine if a spiritual practice supports Death Science is the sacrifice of animals for spiritual rituals. Any spiritual teachings that sacrifice living creatures for spiritual rituals are to some degree based on Death Science. Death Science teachings usually contain a lot of fear without respecting free will. Death Science teachings also like to teach followers to worship an external god. This is deliberately done to disempower the followers.

Life Science teachings can also contain “fear,” but the main difference is that the knowledge is designed to increase people’s awareness and therefore empowering them. This organic teaching encourages people to connect to the Prime Creator using their inner spiritual powers (i.e. thought, consciousness, emotion and intuition), so that they do not give their powers away to authorities or religious organizations.

Death Science is not “evil.” It is a form of spiritual science that allows beings to experience certain things that they cannot experience in an organic Life Science system. People who choose to support Death Science can still experience love and happiness. However, if they allow the teachings of Death Science to permanently damage their original energy template, their evolution will have limitations and therefore they cannot truly evolve into enlightened beings.

The end result of taking the path of Death Science is the destruction of your soul identity, returning it to space dust or background energy. The pure energy that makes up your soul will not be destroyed, but your individuality and memories will be shattered. The dying process of a soul can take millions of years. However, this process can be slowed down by stealing energy from living organic systems.

To prevent Death Science from destroying your soul, you need to heal your body, make the conscious choice to implement Life Science into your life, and learn to live in harmony with nature before the energy distortion in your original energy template reaches critical mass.

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  1. Just an important reminder, your depiction of the Organic Eternal Life Grid is not accurate. It is a distortion of the authentic, 12-sphere Kahara Grid. PLEASE do your due diligence prior to publishing your information.

    All the best,

    Dr. Jere