The Legal Craft: Lawyer Deceptions

Authored or posted by | January 7, 2016
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Law BooksThe Legal Craft: Lawyer Deceptions is an article that exposes the dirty secrets of lawyers, attorneys, and the legal system. I have not verified all the information in the article, so I do not know if it is all true. However, most of the information is true to my understanding. As always, use your intuition to discern the information and do your own research to verify the truthfulness of the information.

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  1. John L says:

    One of my problem with this is the freemason “founding fathers” ( and the “constitution” of a corporation ) grants privileges to subjects in place of the rights you are born with.

    • Rick says:

      Looked up in a 1890 dictionary the meanings of Republic & Democracy! Republic appears that you hand over power of sovereignty to elected officials, while Democracy the sovereignty is still held by the citizen!

  2. Anabel says:

    I have a question when we are being instructed to act as the administrator of the trust are we not still participating in teh “legal name ” fraud?
    How is it OK for us to not be the trustee( victim) and be the administrator()?.
    Its still playing an unlawful game of fiction is it not? Its just taking the power position.

    Why not loose the name? Become spirit/soul nameless and formless.

    • Rick says:

      The Gobblement wont let you leave the monopoly game because your their property, how about that, its a global mental sickness!!!