Exposing the Dark Secrets of the Vatican and Its Affiliated Churches

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Many people don’t realize that the Vatican and its affiliated churches are committing crimes against humanity by financing and supporting child trafficking, wars and genocide. The reason why you don’t hear about these dark secrets of the Vatican in the Western mainstream media is because most Western media outlets are owned and controlled by the New World Order (NWO).

The NWO is a secret organization made of secret societies and controlling groups of people that have one thing in common; to establish a one world government to control and enslave the people of the world. For millennia, they have been working very hard from behind the scene to infiltrate government agencies and financial and religious institutions. Unfortunately, they have achieved many of their goals, which is why we are losing more of our freedom and liberty everyday. If you want evidence of these claims, read this shocking but empowering article.

Did you know the Vatican is a corporation?

Most people don’t realize that Vatican City, which is located in Rome, is a sovereign country within Italy. Since most people don’t know that Vatican City is a country, it isn’t surprising that most people are unaware that the Vatican is a corporation. In terms of revenue, the Vatican is one of the most profitable corporations.

According to the first video in this article, in 2013, Catholic churches in the United States alone made about 170 billion dollars in revenue. The shocking thing about this is that a lot of that money was collected through the fraudulent tax system. According to Kevin Annett, roughly 1 percent of the 170 billion dollars went to charity while the rest of the money went to finance GMO, the arms industry and corporate greed. A lot of that money also went to finance wars (e.g., war on terror) and genocide. If you are donating money to the Vatican and its affiliated churches, you may want to really think about what you are doing, because they are using your money to finance criminal activities throughout the world.

In the open, the Vatican portrays itself as a “holy” religious institution. However, behind the scene, the Vatican is a corporation run by theistic Luciferians (not to be confused with atheistic Luciferians) who believe that Lucifer or Satan is the true savior of humanity. This is why they do satanic rituals and support child sacrificing and genocide.

Not all churches are corrupt

It is important to know that just because the Vatican is corrupt doesn’t mean that all churches are corrupt. There are a few churches throughout the world that aren’t affiliated with the Vatican. If you want to stop the Vatican from corrupting Christianity and destroying the world, stop supporting the Vatican and its churches. Even better, learn to think for yourself and stop allowing religious institutions to brainwash you.

If you want to learn more about the dark secrets of the Vatican and its affiliated churches, I recommend watching the video below. In this video, Kevin Annett talks about the history of the Vatican, child trafficking and sacrificing, and other sensitive and controversial issue related to the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican.

Update (December 27, 2014): A note from the author

I recently heard that Kevin Annett could be a disinfomation agent of the Jesuits. I don’t have proof of this claim, so I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is. However, one of his website (ITCCS.org) published an article threatening Alfred Webre and anyone who circulates this video of Alfred Webre interviewing Alex Hunter and Wa7tsek. This attack against Alfred Webre tells me that Kevin Annett may have a dark hidden agenda.

I advise that you use your intuition to help you discern Kevin Annett’s and Alfred Webre’s information and listen to both sides of their story before deciding which person is guilty of spreading false information. For Alfred Webre’s side of the story, watch this video. For Kevin Annett’s side of the story, listen to this interview.

The conflict between Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett still doesn’t change the fact that the Vatican has committed crimes against humanity.

Awesome Update from Kevin Annett – April 22, 2014

This next video exposes how certain Catholic churches abuse nuns behind closed doors. Most of the claims in this following video may seem too shocking to be true. However, from my years of research, the claims are pretty accurate to my understanding. As always, use your intuition to discern the information in this video.

Sister Charlotte – Entire Testimony – Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun

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