Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre Discuss About the Police State in Canada and the New Asian World Bank

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Kevin Annett

Screenshot from / Alfred Lambremont Webre

In this shocking ExopoliticsTV interview, Alfred Webre interviews Kevin Annett about the rising police state in Canada and other countries. Kevin Annett is the field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS). In this interview, he talks about the prosecution of the Catholic-Ndrangheta criminal network, and why the Vatican is funding the new Asian world bank.

Kevin Annett and his team are at the forefront of a worldwide movement aimed at exposing the crimes of religious leaders and politicians, especially the crimes of the royal families of Europe, the leaders of the Vatican, and secret societies. Their work are essential for freeing humanity from the Dark Forces.

Update (December 27, 2014): A note from the author

I recently heard that Kevin Annett could be a disinfomation agent of the Jesuits. I don’t have proof of this claim, so I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that he is. However, one of his website ( published an article threatening Alfred Webre and anyone who circulates this video of Alfred Webre interviewing Alex Hunter and Wa7tsek. This attack against Alfred Webre tells me that Kevin Annett may have a dark hidden agenda.

I advise that you use your intuition to help you discern Kevin Annett’s and Alfred Webre’s information and listen to both sides of their story before deciding which person is guilty of spreading false information. For Alfred Webre’s side of the story, watch this video. For Kevin Annett’s side of the story, listen to this interview.

Kevin Annett: ITCCS Confronts Tyranny, Police State with Common Law Self-Government

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