Jay Dyer Exposes the Dark Secrets of Hollywood

Authored or posted by | February 15, 2016
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Picture of Hollywood SignIn the video at the end of this article, The Kev Baker Show interviews Jay Dyer about the dirty and dark secrets of Hollywood. In this interview, Jay Dyer reveals why Hollywood is a tool used by the Controllers (Elites) to brainwash people and control their minds to a large degree. He also exposes how many popular Hollywood celebrities are working with the New World Order (NWO).

Hollywood is one of the Controllers’ favorite tools to use for manipulating and controlling our minds. When you split the word hollywood into two words, it becomes “holly wood“. The word holly is defined as “any of numerous trees or shrubs of the genus Ilex”.

The wood of the holly tree was used by the Druids to make magic wands. The Druids believed that the holly had magical powers, which was why they used its wood to make magic wands. Today, certain magicians (I am not talking about fake magicians) still create magic wands from the wood of holly trees. Hence, the name Hollywood. To this day, the Druids still exist and they still practice real magic.

Do you know now why the most popular entertainment industry in the USA is called Hollywood. It has to do with magic and mind control. The Controllers are using Hollywood to create movies to cast magic spells on people who are not aware of the power of sacred symbols, sound, mnemonics, and words. For more detailed information on magic spells, read these two empowering articles titled How Mnemonic is Used to Program and Control Your Mind and How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells.

If you do not know who Jay Dyler is, he is a writer and researcher of certain topics related to occult knowledge. Here is an excerpt from JaysAnalysis.com about his background:

I’m a writer and researcher from the Southern US with a B.A. in philosophy, while my graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy. My work is here at JaysAnalysis, and is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo-culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion.

Here is an excerpt from YouTube.com about the video interview below:

Jay Dyer is on KBS and we get into the esoteric and dark side of Hollywood. We get into the intelligence connections to the film industry, and how the two are closely intertwined.

That launches us into a fast paced conversation that takes a look at the pentagon connection to movies, the secret societies around the industry, the cults, scientology, predictive programming, sex, Kubrick, Sci-Fi, …

I am aware of most of the information that Jay reveals in the video interview below. If you are new to this type of information, it may be hard for you to accept most of the information as fact. As always, use your intuition and feelings to help you discern the information in the following video.

Jay Dyer on Kev Baker: ESOTERIC HOLLYWOOD The CIA, Cults, & Kubrick

For more information about the dark secrets of Hollywood, read this informative article titled Celebrities Expose Dark Secrets of the Entertainment Industry.

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