Is the Earth Flat and Not Round? The Answer Can Be Found in the Human Body

Authored or posted by | July 16, 2016
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Picture of Flat Earth

There is a large movement of people who thinks that the Earth is “flat”. Even some well-known researchers and spiritual teachers support the idea that the Earth is flat. This article explores some of the ideas of flat earthers and explains why they are not 100 percent correct. However, they do have pieces of the answer to the big question: What is the Earth?

When I first heard of the flat earth theory, I kind of giggle and thought that the supporters of the flat earth theory were being silly. Unlike most people, I have an open mind so I decided to investigate this theory to see if it has strong evidence to back it up. After investigating it, I would have to say that flat earth supporters are not totally wrong. However, their claim that the real version of Earth is flat is not accurate. There is a good possibility that the land of the Earth may be flat-like and exist on a plane, but the overall shape of the “membrane” of the real Earth is spherical.

From our perspective, the Earth is not flat due to the fact that she has hills, mountains and canyons. To find evidence that the Earth is not flat, you need to study the definitions of the word flat. The word flat is defined as “horizontally level” or “level, even, or without unevenness of surface, as land or tabletops” or “having a surface that is without marked projections or depressions”. Based on these definitions, the Earth is not really flat because she is not horizontally level and her surface is not even. However, if you were to define the land of the Earth as “without unevenness of surface”, then the land of the Earth would be “flat”. Keep in mind that I am talking about the land and NOT the “membrane” that holds the atmosphere of the Earth.

When we look at the “digital” version of Earth at the origin where she is projected from, she is flat because she is projected from an “image”. The problem with this idea is that we do not live in a 2D image. Instead, we live in a projected hologram that is 3D in form. Unfortunately, Earth’s holographic reality (or more accurately light projected reality) has been hijacked by the Dark Forces. Their version of Earth’s holographic reality is called the Matrix.

The human race has been caged inside the Matrix for thousands and possibly millions of years. The good news is that the Matrix is now having glitches because our consciousness is rising, making it harder for the Matrix to suppress our spiritual powers. The more our consciousness and frequency increase and expand, the harder it is for the Matrix to prevent us from waking up and sensing the true reality of Earth. This is why many of us are seeing unusual things in the sky, such as the sun flashing and changing colors. Sun flashing could be a sign that the Matrix’s hologram is not working properly.

Alaska Sun Flashing

Sun Flashing

What Is the Earth?

The Earth is a conscious being that has evolved to the level of what some people refer to as a “goddess”. Mother Earth not only has a physical body but also a spiritual body. She also has ley lines (meridians) and chakras, similar to the human meridian and chakra system. Furthermore, she has consciousness but her consciousness has expanded beyond what we can comprehend in our current state of evolution.

Besides being a conscious being, the Earth is a “womb”. Unlike most planets in the Milky Way, the Earth/womb is caged in the Matrix. As human beings, we have evolved to the point where we need more space and experience, and therefore we feel that we need to go into outer space. This feeling is similar to how a fetus feels after 9 months of growing inside its mother.

When a fetus is in the womb of its mother for roughly 9 months, it gains enough experience and has no more space to grow. In order to have more space to create and gain more experience, it needs to leave its home, which is the womb of its mother.

To connect the dots, the Earth is our “mother” and we are her children getting ready to explore beyond her womb. Some people refer to this as “ascension”. Unfortunately, we are caged inside the Matrix (the artificial reality) and it is preventing us from transcending it. To transcend the Matrix, we (the people of Earth) need to unite and raise our consciousness and frequency to certain level, allowing us to rise above it.

Because the Earth behaves like a woman’s womb, she is 3D, spherical-like and full of water. The atmospheres of the Earth are like the walls of a woman’s womb. Once you comprehend this, you know that human beings have a lot of common features with the Earth. Furthermore, you should know that what the education system has taught us about the Earth is not all true.

If you want to know how planets, galaxies or universes work, study your own body and nature and you will eventually know how they work to a large degree. The macrocosm works similar to the microcosm. As above, so below.

Why the “Membrane” of the Earth Is Spherical

From our perspective, the Earth is 3D and made of water, soil and many different elements and exists on a reality plane. However, if you look at the Earth from a 2D point of view or the Matrix point of view, she is flat or round (2D), depending on your angle of view. For example, if you look at the Earth from a 2D side view, she looks flat, but if you look at the Earth from the top view, she looks like a 2D round object. As human beings, we live in a 3D reality and therefore the Earth is not flat or round (2D); instead she is spherical or 3D round in relation to her “membrane”.

What flat earthers do not realize is that the flat earth theory is designed to trick people to support the legal system. This system deals with the 2D world, which is sometimes known as the land of legal fictions. A fiction is considered a dead entity and therefore the 2D world can be referred to as the land of the DEAD. This “land” is the Matrix, an artificial and virtual reality. The Earth and our minds and souls are trapped in this artificial reality.

The legal system operates in the land of the dead, which is why it deals with legal fictions and records events on paper. A piece of paper is considered a 2D plane. One of the most important events that they record on a 2D paper is a human birth. This paper used for recording a human birth is known as the birth certificate, which is actually a bond used for insurance purposes. This is why they sell people’s birth certificates on the stock market. To learn what the birth certificate is really about, watch this short video.

Why Flat Earthers and Round Earthers Need to Stop Attacking One Another

Flat earthers and round earthers have missing pieces of the answer to what the Earth physically is. What they need to do is combine their pieces of information together and they will solve the big question: What is the Earth? Unfortunately, the people of each group think that their group has the right answers, and therefore are attacking one another instead of working together to solve their common problem. In my opinion, this conflict is a DISTRACTION that prevents people from learning what is really important, which is how to exercise their natural rights and achieve sovereignty. Does fighting over the idea that the Earth is flat or round make you free and sovereign? NO! Time to move on people!

Here are some videos that claim the Earth is “flat”. It is my “innerstanding” that the videos are not 100 percent accurate. However, they do contain many truths, so watch them with an open mind and use your critical thinking skills and intuition to discern the information in the videos so you can separate the truths from the lies.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook

Santos Bonacci Flat Earth Presentation

Flat Earth – The Ultimate Litmus Test

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