Is the Dallas Police Shooting Another False Flag?

Authored or posted by | July 9, 2016
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Picture of Dallas Sniper Police ShootingBy The Great Marduck, contributor for

July 7th, 2016 Dallas Texas, There is no way to tell who the actual shooters are, even if the police arrest some patsy; for all we know the real snipers could be Mossad, CIA, any sniper team really.

Setting up Obama’s Race-Riots with the UN Peace Keeping Force called into Texas, to keep the peace (i.e. confiscate arms from Americans), Obama gets his third term he has been joking about lately. Elections suspended and no Trump in power, even with massive vote-fraud, getting Clinton elected won’t be easy.

Yes Trump and Clinton are cousins, but the last thing the globalists want is America First.  They are in a big panic to get Clinton in the Executive Branch, to destroy America faster.  Their agenda is exposed and people are waking up, understanding that “globalize” means to destroy borders, culture, economy, small businesses, and credit unions; the citizens of England figured that out with the Brexit movement.

The globalists must disarm Americans, our land is being sold to China and the Chinese military is moving into America disguised as corporate employees, this is why the Chinese called for Americans to be Disarmed when Breitbart News printed the story on December 2012, Andrew Breitbart was dead three months later in March 2012.  They have our focus on hispanics, blacks, muslims, while the Chinese military sneaks in quietly. A very real threat so never give up your arms, Clinton has close ties to China and many would suggest Hillary is a Chinese agent, read more on that.

Remember in 1984 (Interesting Year) the movie Red Dawn, about a Russian invasion of the USA, but Red Dawn could also be code for the Red Flag of China. The movie was re-made in 2012 with China invading the USA, but under political pressure during post-production they changed it to North Korea. It all makes perfect sense if the USA has been sold to China, read about China buying the Federal Reserve.

The Dallas sniper was one fantastic shooter, he should have tried out for the Olympics.  Smells like another false flag, the media is claiming this attack took a great deal of expertise and planning, shooting down 12 police officers.  In early reports they said multiple shooters got away clean, then it changes to one shooter and a few hours later they have the suspect pinned down and have taken three others suspects into custody, such great police work, not buying it.  The numbers of dead and wounded were changed often also.

Next we hear the shooter is threatening the police saying bombs are placed around the city, just like a hollywood movie plot. Watch them pin it on a– gang banger, muslim, or militia patsy. Chances are the shooter won’t be brought in alive, seems that every shooter dies in these false flags ops, so very convenient.

The shooting takes place only blocks from JFK’s Dealey Plaza, on the darkest day for the FBI’s Hillary Fiasco, we note that the FBI’s Division 5, secret assassination sniper team was implicated in the JFK case.

7/8 UPDATE:  Suspect (Patsy) Dead, just as Predicted, Ye Old Lone Gunman, Hated White People and White Cops, Not affiliated with any group, what total B.S. it appears we can never take a suspect alive anymore. Blown up by the bomb squad robot, gotta support those heroic robots.  This is like a B rate movie plot, maybe the robot carried the bomb toward the suspect to blow him up, another dead shooter who can’t defend himself in court.

Turns out the shooter is connected to the military mind control, a former army reserve member.  It gets worse as readers are reporting an advertisement for Government Drill Crisis Actors in Texas $200 between July 4th and July 6th, they are right out in the open.  How do they even find low lifes willing to act for government drills, take that job and shove it!

The Agenda in all these shootings is the same– Guns Bad, AR15′s Bad, and Online Social Media Bad, expect legislation to shut down web sites like this one.  Seems like they are now promoting ‘robot sales” to local law enforcement, leave it to the globalists to make a buck on the side.

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Original title: Dallas Police Shooting False Flag

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