The Irish Banking Revolution: No More Corrupt Banks and Free the People from Illegal Debt

Authored or posted by | October 22, 2013
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Bank Protest Ireland

Flickr Commons: Image provided by William Murphy

The Irish people are setting an example to all the people of the world who want to restore their freedom and liberty and economy. If we want to prevent the banksters (high level bankers who pull the strings of authorities) from destroying our economy, we need to stand up for our rights and make our authorities responsible for their actions. When we ignore the actions of our politicians and their puppet masters (the banksters), we are only making it 10 times easier for them to steal our wealth and destroy our standard of living.

The people of Ireland are well aware that the real reason why their economy is in a state of depression is because it was engineered by the banksters. The banksters bankrupt countries using their central banks to create illegal worthless money and loan it to governments. By printing money without value into the economy, they are also creating inflation, which is nothing more than a hidden tax on the people. These are some of the methods that central banks use to steal real wealth from us.

This is what happens when citizens of a country unite and stand up for their freedom and liberty. The rest of the citizens of the world need to look at the Irish banking revolution as an inspiration to motivate them to take back their government and country from the banksters. Watch this short video and support the Irish. More power to the Irish people!

The Irish Banking Revolution

The financial corruption that is destroying the world’s economy is only happening because we allowed it. We, the people of the world, are the greatest hope for restoring our freedom, liberty and economy. Do not rely on politicians to protect your liberties and restore your economy, because most politicians are bought off by banksters. Unite by supporting each other and do not be afraid to stand up against these banksters and their puppet politicians. These are some of the effective ways of freeing ourselves from enslavement.

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  1. ancientfossil says:

    Excellent post…Lets go America! Lets get on the bandwagon!!!!!