The Importance of Self-Respect

Authored or posted by | December 5, 2013
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One thing I have noticed about a lot of people is that they like to value pride more than self-respect. Both of these qualities are great to have. However, people with a lot of pride tend to allow their ego to influence their thoughts. The ego is a part of our personalities that has lost a great portion of its connection with our higher self and other portions of our mind. This sense of separation gives the ego a false sense of finite life and therefore it creates a false sense of fear and the need to consume whatever it can to survive. For these reasons, if the ego needs to, it will lie and deceive our mind, so that it can stay in control. This is why when you meet people with a lot of pride, they tend to have a big ego.

Self-respect on the other hand is about valuing and accepting who you truly are. If you want others to respect you, learn to respect yourself first and others will consciously or subconsciously respect you in their own ways. One of the best ways to destroy your self-respect is to lower your standards to please others. This implies that you do not value yourself as much as you value the opinions of others about you. This situation is common in abusive relationships. No matter how bad the situation is, do not devalue yourself to please others because your life is priceless.

“Self-respect is one of the greatest qualities you can achieve in life. Self-respect is one of the first steps towards self-discipline and that eventually leads to integrity. When you respect yourself beyond the illusion of egotism, it makes it harder for others to harm you emotionally and mentally, because your mind and heart have become stronger and more mature than the negative words and actions they use to destroy your character.” ~ PL Chang


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  1. Frank says:

    Mr Chang
    You are another myself; namaste
    That is how I learned what does namaste mean, from a wonderful person from believe it or not, Bangalore, India

    Very much I appreciate everything you say here
    I have printed it out for some of those closest to me
    Thank you

    Please forgive me; did I have money, you would get some for sure
    Just to support you!

    How you do it, I do not know; that is your beeswax (namaste, bees)

    Moral support
    You have roots, you stand strong, you reach out, and you share

    Stay Strong!

    Everything will get better at least partly because each of us and and will and does contribute toward our own benefit and toward the benefit of everyone in every possible world

    Your neck of the woods is beautiful and I am grateful to you and all who take care of your turf

    Stay Strong!

    Good Life!

    Or really, no exclamation points are needed
    Or even punctuation
    Structure somehow, without which how can we build, or even communicate

    Wa Ma Kan Skan Oyate
    Not my birth language, but old timey, that means kind of like:
    “Hello, howdy, all living beings who move upon the face of Earth”
    Something like that
    No doubt a Lakota will be able to correct me in Freedom and Peace